10 Signs You Might Be a True Gym Rat

10 Signs You Might Be a True Gym Rat

There are some people that just go to the gym. Then there are some lifters that are gym rats.

Gym rats don't just go to the gym. Their existence revolves around the gym. Every aspect of their daily lives involves the gym in one way or another.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if someone is ?about that life? or is simply just a pretender. If you are unsure, here are some of the surefire ways to spot a gym rat.

You Might Be a Hardcore Gym Rat If...

Sign #1 - Your laundry consists of primarily gym clothes

The laundry baskets of true gym rats consist of 50% tank tops, 50% workout shorts, and 100% man sweat. True gym rats have more workout clothing than both their casual clothing and professional clothing combined.

The good thing about wearing mostly gym clothes is that you don't have to fold tank tops. Let me rephrase this... you should not refold your tank tops, because who does that?

Sign #2 - Your dishes are 99% Tupperware and shaker bottles

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When you examine the sink or dishwasher of a true gym rat you will notice two items almost exclusively. Lots of Tupperware and lots of shaker bottles.

We don't mess with dishes or anything glass for that matter. Be warned approaching any gym rat's sink as days old whey protein will likely stink up the entire kitchen.

Let me tell you, this is not an odor you want to experience.

Sign #3 - Social life revolves around your gym schedule

Your friends want to go out to dinner. Your dentist wants to schedule an appointment during your normal gym hours. The girlfriend wants quality time together?

Before saying yes to any commitment you make sure to carefully examine your gym schedule for the week.

Sorry bro, can't do happy hour Thursday, got legs that day...

it's not that you're are inflexible, but you are worried that missing one gym session will make you lose every ounce of gains you've worked so hard to achieve over the last 6 years. We don't take any chances here, better to be safe than sorry bro.

Sign #4 - Your friends and family go to you for gym advice

Whenever a friend or coworker asks you about a specific workout or diet plan, you instantly become the Godfather of gains. Sit down.

Have a seat. let's talk about macros?

Sign #5 - You check restaurant menus to make sure they fit your macros

The girlfriend wants to try out the latest and greatest Asian Mexican Vegan Juice overpriced fusion place. BUT, the real question is will it fit your macros?

Before you firmly commit you make sure the nutritional menu is posted online.

Waiter could I please get the chicken parmesan with no sauce and cheese and a side of broccoli? Yes, I just want chicken and broccoli.
Man Dancing
He's a great dancer, but he doesn't even lift! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sign #6 - You would rather go to the gym than a club

All of your friends are trying to drag you to the latest and greatest club in the area so that you can pay $12 for a Jack and Coke, listen to the same techno beat repeatedly for 4 hours, and try to hit on that girl who can't hear a damn word you?re saying.

Forget that. Instead you would rather spend your Friday night with the headphones on trying to break PR?s. let's face it you'll save a lot of money this way as well.

Sign #7 - You hate rest days

it's Sunday and you keep telling yourself it's finally your rest day no gym today. Then suddenly thoughts creep into your mind?

Maybe I?ll just go to the gym to do some active recovery.

(Gets to the gym) Maybe I?ll just do some cardio. Maybe I?ll work some abs. Who am I kidding?

Eventually your rest day turns into a cardio day, until you realize you don't do cardio. You decide to do abs until you realize its winter and you?re bulking anyways so f&$k it not doing abs.

Arms day it is baby!

Sign #8 - New workouts are more exciting than current news

So what if some new millionaire is running for president. I want to see the latest workout Kai Greene is using.

You eventually end up spending more time on the Tiger Fitness than you do on CNN or Fox News.

Sign #9 - You constantly think about your next workout

You just finished an amazing chest session absolutely killing it, but are already focused on your next workout.

What am I going to do for back tomorrow?

Heavy deadlifts followed by bent over rows followed by seated rows?. The list goes on and on and on.

Sign #10 - New workouts excite you

You think you've seen every exercise imaginable. There is no possible movement you haven?t explored up until this point.

Until?WAIT! Well I?ll be damned if that guy found a way to turn a triceps dip station into a shrug machine.

Anytime you see a new exercise that you haven?t seen before immediate excitement fills your entire body. Maybe I?ll try that next time.

Are You a True Gym Rat?

Although this may not be an all-inclusive list, these are surefire ways of spotting a gym rat. it's not too difficult. Look hard enough and you'll immediately be able to determine if someone you know is actually a gymrat.

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