The Machine's New 120: Get Your Mind Right, Push the Limits

The Machine's New 120: Get Your Mind Right, Push the Limits

When we say, "Go 120%," it means much more than what you might think it means. 100% is a BS number.

How do we know what 100% of our potential truly is? How can we explain moms lifting cars when their kids are in danger? How can we explain dads who have ZERO athletic ability saving their kids with lightning-fast speed?

That fight or flight mechanism we all have within us is strong. Those of us who can will their minds to let go of self-imposed restrictions will truly benefit from having no limits. What they can achieve is nearly endless.

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Is this what determines talent? Is this the reason why Lebron James and other elite athletes are elite? Is it their mind, not their God-given "talents" that propel them to greatness?

While we cannot answer this, we cannot argue that the mindset of an elite athlete greatly differs from the average person. Did the mindset come after the talent or vice-versa? I once thought I went 120%, but I have recently learned that I am capable of much, much more.

MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner talks about his future plans and why he is a changed man.

The Machine Had Limits?

While I cannot go into specifics yet, there are things in life I thought that I couldn't do. From endurance events to thriving in sub-freezing environments and performing athletically, to keeping my mind right so that I can think and perform despite the environment and the challenge.

If you held a gun to my head prior to this experience and asked me if I could perform these challenges, I would honestly say no. Not one bullet would be discharged, because it was the truth.

My mind, while it propelled me to be a successful CEO, professional bodybuilder and great father...was still weak. My mind was holding me back. The success I have achieved was not because I am realizing my potential, but because I did just enough to make it within my comfort zone.

To hell with comfort. A few months ago if you would have showed me a nine-foot wall and told me to scale it, I wouldn't have even tried. I knew I would have failed. But now I know I can jump up, grab the top and muscle-up over it. I can do it because I can do it, and my mind truly believes it can happen.

Did I get taller? Did I suddenly steal jumping skills from Kobe Bryant? Did I eat Mexican Jumping Beans?

Nope, none of that happened. I simply willed my mind to do it, and my body followed.

To quote a 90's R&B song, "Free your mind and the rest will follow." Before I achieved the soon-to-be-exposed challenge, which is a HUGE deal, I believed this quote but never truly bought into it. Now, I am a true believer.

Taking Your Life to the Next Level

So what does this mean for me and how can YOU use this to take your life to the next level? For me it means that I can do better in business. What I thought was my limits for formulating, management, marketing and everything else was not even close.

It means I can be a better father. I can listen to my kids better and more attentively. I can be a better husband.

I can be a better athlete and go outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself with different activities. I can also be a better citizen and donate more time and money to charity.

For YOU, start small. If you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter, sign up for an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) and DO IT. Just get in there and do your best. If you think you cannot do it, do it anyway.

Run a 5k. At work, go above and beyond and do an extra project over what is required. Hug your children twice as much. Just do what you thought you couldn't do. And when you do it, do something else. Never stop breaking mental barriers.

Join me in the quest to truly reach your potential. I have already begun, and I could sure use some company. I will see YOU at the top...and that's not a game!
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