Fat Pat Loses 330 Pounds Using the Wal-Mart Diet

Fat Pat Loses 330 Pounds Using the Wal-Mart Diet

Pasquale Brocco was known as "fat Pat" his entire life. At the age of 31, his weight reached an all-time high of 605 pounds. Pasquale was facing an early death and struggled with bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, His belly also hung down on his thighs.

Brocco now refers to himself as possible Pat. He lost an amazing 200 pounds during the first two years of his diet. How did possible pat do it?

The Wal-Mart diet.

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What exactly is the Wal-Mart diet? To kick-start his transformation, Pasquale Brocco would walk to and from Wal-Mart each time he was hungry. So, three times a day possible Pat would walk one mile for a meal, then one mile back.

This was a total of 6 miles per day.

"it's amazing because I never walked six miles in my life and I was doing it every day."

Sounds intense, but doable. One mile of walking equates to 100 calories burned, right? Not for Pasquale. Let us not forget he weighed over 600 pounds. For Pasquale Brocco, walking 6 miles per day burned anywhere from 1200 to potentially 2400 calories.

That's a lot of exercises and a lot of dedication.

The Wal-Mart Diet - "Possible Pat's" Food Choices

At his heaviest, Pasquale Brocco was eating close to 11,000 calories per day. He scaled his intake back to 2,250 calories per day. Possible Pat's food choices include:
  • Veggies
  • Meat
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Steel-cut oatmeal
Pasquale also evolved his diet over time, removing foods that became a problem.

"Once I figured out dairy was my downfall, I took it out of my diet, and instantly I started losing weight again."

Here is a before and after comparison of possible Pat's daily eating before and after the weight.
11,200 Calories Per Day 2,250 Calories Per Day
 Box of cereal  2 gallons water
 1/2 gallon whole milk  About 20 egg whites
 1 package peanut butter cups  1 cup oatmeal
 1 candy bar  24 ounces chicken breast
 12-inch meatball and cheese submarine sandwich  Green beans
 100 fast food chicken nuggets  6 ounces ground lean bison
 1 fast food apple pie  32 almonds
 1 fast food milkshake  1/2 sweet potato
 2 liters soda
 4 doughnuts

Instead of simply feeding his stomach every time he was hungry, Pasquale Brocco made himself work for his meals. And he was hungry a lot early on.

Once at Wal-mart, Pasquale avoided the temptation to buy processed, ready-to-eat food. Instead, possible Pat returned home with clean, whole foods that he was forced to cook.

With tears in his eyes, Pasquale Brocco remarked,

"I'm setting an example for my son, so he can be Possible Pat too (instead of `Fat Pat)."

After the first 200 Pounds

During the first two years of his transformation, Pasquale Brocco lost a mind-blowing 200 pounds. As a large man, fat Pat couldn't do much at the gym. He didn't fit on most machines. Now, two years later, new doors (and opportunities to be healthy) were opening for him.

Pasquale was able to add treadmill work and resistance training to his Wal-Mart diet repertoire. His weight loss continued. Eventually, possible Pat lost a total of 330 pounds.

So what can we learn from possible Pat's amazing journey?
  1. Lasting change comes from a dramatic lifestyle change and not an 8-week miracle program.
  2. Don't seek an easy way out. Give yourself challenges, and rise to meet these challenges.
  3. Just move! Find a form of exercise that works for you at the time. Forget the concept of optimal. Instead, find a form of physical activity you enjoy.
  4. Stick to clean, whole foods. Dump the processed, ready-to-eat junk.
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great advice, and takeaways, it is possible pat.

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