Essa Obaid - Bio and Competition History

Essa Obaid is an IFBB professional bodybuilder that was born in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Essa was the first person from the Arab states of the Persian Gulf to take part in the Mr. Olympia. This was a major achievement for him.

It all began when Essa placed second the 2001 World Arab Championships in Egypt, after which he won the 2001 Abu Dhabi Championships (UAE) in the teen and open men category. The next years were also success for Essa, who won the 2003 Fujairah Classic and placed second at the 2004 World Arab Championships in Morocco.

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Essa also won the 2007 Al Ain Classic and the 2008 Hammer Gym Classic, to later compete at the 2010 Arnold Amateur (USA) and get the IFBB Pro card. This was the main stepping stone for his career and the turning point from where Essa would compete mainly on IFBB contests.

Obaid won the 2010 IFBB Europa Championships as his first professional bodybuilding event. His leanness and great genes showed and allowed him to also be part of many IFBB contests in 2011.

Despite not taking a medal in any of them, Essa won the 2012 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro and placed 14th in his first Olympia event, the 2012 Mr. Olympia. Despite competing at the 2013 and 2015 Olympia events (where he finished 16th and 10th), the 2012 Olympia has been his best career result in terms of the Olympia events.

Today, Essa is sponsored by Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum who is the Crown Prince of Dubai. He is constantly pushing harder and making most of his massive potential.

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