Dennis Wolf - Bio and Competition History

Dennis Wolf is an IFBB professional bodybuilder born and raised in Kyrgizstan. He is one of the most popular German bodybuilders to ever grace the world scene.

Raised in the industrial part of Tokmog, Kyrgyzstan, Wolf grew up in the former Soviet Union and lived in a small apartment with barely enough food to survive.

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Wolf had humble beginnings and enjoyed playing sports and being active as a child despite not having much time for that because of his studies. In 1992, Dennis moved to Germany with his family where he adapted to the new environment and started working as a house painter and window installer after school.

Again, Wolf did not have much time to train because of his demanding jobs. However, despite all that he started training with weights at the age of 18, influenced by the popularity of Arnold Schwarzenegger and inspired by his pictures.

After years of training and focusing on building a phenomenal physique, Dennis started taking part in bodybuilding shows and rising through the ranks.

Wolf won his Pro Card in 2005 and appeared at his Pro show a year later - which was the 2006 Europa SuperShow where he placed 7th. After that, he qualified for the 2006 Mr. Olympia where he placed 16th.

Over the following years, Wolf appeared in the Olympia contests and had similar placements in the top ten. The peak of his career from an Olympia perspective is the 3rd place which he took at the 2013 Mr. Olympia event, as well as his 2014 Arnold Classic win.

Dennis Wolf also won other titles such as the 2007 Keystone Pro Classic, the 2011 Australian Pro, the 2012 EVLS Prague Pro, and the 2014 EVLS Prague Pro. This put him among the greats of modern bodybuilding, especially after placing in the top 3 at the 2013 Mr. Olympia event and securing the 4th place a year after that at the 2014 Mr. Olympia event.

Currently, Dennis continues to grow in influence and recognition and always aims to win the biggest trophies in the sport of bodybuilding. He is known for the demanding workouts, proper nutrition, and supplementation, as well as the right mindset and attitude that helped him overcome many of the challenges in his life.

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hope he can complete come back from injury

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