Change Your Perspective on Life, Change Your Results

Change Your Perspective on Life, Change Your Results

One piece of advice that I always try to preach to anyone who is willing to listen is that of perspective. I think most people understand perspective but in a very general kind of way, therefore not allowing them to truly embrace its concept. Let me explain.

Perspective; the concept of seeing the bigger picture or being able to understand a situation or decision from a place other than where you currently are at that point in time. While this is correct it is the very general understanding that I mentioned which causes most to fail to take this concept any further.

When I say, "Have perspective on the situation or decision," I mean that I want you to mentally transplant yourself into a totally different place in life. For example, if you are a college student/athlete making decisions on classes, major, partying, drinking, or playing just the tip? just for a second? just to see how it feels.

Changing Your Life Perspective

Take yourself at that very moment and relocate your thought process to that of yourself 4 or 5 years from now when college life is over, real life sets in and you have to contribute to society enough to at least pay your bills and maybe buy some cool $h*t every now and then. Assuming that you aren't some sort of hippie whose goal is to be teaching surf lessons in Malibu while living off of the land and riding a moped powered by recycled fast food restaurant cooking oil; you'll want to assume the role of yourself that has a job you at least like going to every morning where you come home with a sense of accomplishment and worthwhile collecting a paycheck to buy that cool crap I mentioned and provide for your loved ones, family, children etc.

Become that version of yourself for one second and suddenly day drinking, on a Tuesday, followed by playing Edward-forty hands until you puke in your friends shoes (their fault for not securing their own shoes) and wake up missing your pants, wallet, first 3 classes as well as your dignity? doesn't seem like such a great decision. Just to be clear though, day drinking on Sunday in preparation for the Steelers to dominate the Ravens on national TV while seeing how many nachos you can eat is acceptable every once in a while? I'm not saying don't have fun.

That's just one example that, while extreme, happens daily in the life of a college student. (Especially if your school has a name that makes no sense like Slippery Rock or Indiana University of Pennsylvania? come on, how can Indiana be in Pennsylvania?)

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An example that involves less vomit and no risk of possible jail time is one that I see daily in my current profession. (Which isn't head replay official for red flags thrown during drinking games, believe it or not. Actually, that's a sweet job and wish it existed.)

I come across SO MANY people that say they want to change their body, lose weight, build muscle, etc. However, they just cannot seem to make exercise, nutrition and lifestyle decisions as that future version of themselves that I cited earlier.

The version where they have abs (not shaved into their stomach hair), can fit into the clothes, AKA swag, that they want to rock, don't have alarming blood panel results, can just simply be more active with their kids or have a 3D physique that all of the bros and bitches can be seen mirin while being visibly jelly of this newly acquired swole status.

No matter what the decision or situation may be, if you can truly and honestly relocate yourself to that point of perspective in the future and look backwards at the current moment that you are in, I promise you will make a choice that benefits you imminently and brings you one step closer to being the best version of yourself.

Now polish off that Colt 45, dominate that gallon of Ben and Jerry's chunky monkey mouth orgasm, take that three home that currently looks like a 10.5, skip class tomorrow and wake up only to eat an entire box of Cap'n Crunch Sprinkle Donut cereal (which is bleeping delicious and a Wal-Mart exclusive) only to pass back out until your mom calls wondering if you're still breathing.

But first, bookmark this article so that you can read it again under a different perspective? you see what I did there? Probably not considering your blood alcohol content and triglyceride levels.

Yours in health and Brofessionalism, Hugh Mongus.

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