Bridget Ripley From Skinny and Obsessed to Healthy

Bridget Ripley From Skinny and Obsessed to Healthy

  • Name: Bridget Ripley
  • Age: 19
  • Starting Weight: 115
  • Ending Weight: 132
  • Transformation Starting Date: August 2017
  • Transformation Ending Date: July 2019
  • Instagramsimply.ripley

Before Bridget's Transformation

I didn't have much of a life before my transformation. I was too caught up in trying to look better than anyone else, even if it jeopardized my health. I didn't want to stop exercising, I didn't like rest. I saw rest as a bad thing and only as being lazy.

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There was no "healthy vs unhealthy" foods, all foods I saw as bad. After eating anything I only wanted to burn off the calories as fast as possible. My beautiful hair was falling out, I couldn't focus on my school work, and it hurt to lay down at night because my body was so thin.

The Moment Bridget's Life Changed

The beginning of 2017, after leaving a treatment center and my grandpa dying it slowly came back to me that's life too short to waste worrying about food and how we look compared to other people.

Bridget's Diet and Workout Approach

The start of my journey was rough. I continued to do cardio for up to 45 minutes every day in addition to lifting weights up to two hours a day. I started lifting 5-6 days a week.

I've tried three maybe four different splits. I never used to change my exercises but as time went on I learned that it's good to try new things. I made diet harder than what it should have been.

I wasn't sure what amount of protein, fats, and carbs to have. Carbs and Fats weren't even important to me at the time. My protein consumption was WAY overboard. It wasn't until I started upping my carbs and fats that I felt better mentally and physically and had more energy.

I now do a version of the Big 5 with about two fifteen-minute cardio sessions a week. I love being active but I also love sleeping and letting my body get the rest it needs.

What Struggles Did You Face?

At work, I would get told: "I'm too skinny to be pushing carts." Other people would gossip about my weight. My mother has been bulimic for years now and I had to fight to not let her actions get in my way and find ways to focus on myself and my health.

When I started lifting I didn't have anyone to teach me the right way to perform lifts. I've gone through wrists injuries and still fight with knee pain. I still live with two family members with bulimia so every day is still a struggle.

Most Important Thing You Learned?

I learned so many things from doing research and other athletes in the fitness area. Just a start: carbs are NOT the enemy, rest is beneficial to grow, when it comes to lifting weights it's all about progressive overload and not a specific number of weight or reps, it doesn't matter how many times you work abs, they won't show unless you're lean enough. No one diet is superior to another. 

Biggest Mistake?

Not concentrating on my position on compound lifts before upping the weights. Putting other social events aside for lifting.

A Typical Day of Eating

I always switch up my foods. If I'm hungry in the morning I usually have eggs and toast, then a small snack a fruit with yogurt as a snack. depending on when I go to the gym I'll have another small meal, like a turkey wrap, or have a pre-workout meal an hour before I lift.

I like to have a good amount of carbs pre-workout. Usually something like chicken, sweet potatoes, and corn, or proats (protein oatmeal), or tilapia and quinoa with beans. Post-workout is usually a shake followed by another big meal.

    Words of Encouragement

    It's not always about how you look. Don't put your figure above your health.

    The meaning of life is about so much more than looking good day-to-day and training "x" times a week, it's about spending time with family and friends, having fun, enjoying the time you have, not letting food and the gym get in the way of what's really important.

    Training important to me and makes me happy but so do my relationships outside of the gym.

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