10 Best YouTube Fitness Channels to Watch in 2017

10 Best YouTube Fitness Channels to Watch in 2017

Last week I decide to poll the Youtube fitness community to see who they are tuning into for quality information. There can be so much negativity on YouTube that I wanted to turn the coin over and find the best of the best. This is a groundbreaking concept in a YouTube realm that can be obsessed with the worst of the worst.

What follows are the pure numbers. Viewers voted and here are the results. I've included a video from each channel, along with a few comments on each when possible.

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Let me know what you think. Are there any channels you feel should be on this list? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

10 YouTube Fitness Channels to Watch

#1 - Athlean-X

"Athlean X because he is a physical therapist and can talk about anatomy and how it matters!"

"Jeff Cavaliere is my favourite fitness Youtuber. Athlean X and Buff Dudes are my favorite channels. Also infinite Elgintensity is pretty funny."

"I like Athlean X, he showed some good ways to train at home and I do lots of home workouts. Besides that, Alpha Destiny and Omar Isuf of course. Very motivating and lots of interesting information."

"Athlean X - Is the real deal. Trained and knowledgeable chiropractor with no bullshit advice. He explains range of motion and breaks things down so anyone can understand."

"Jeff Cavalier. He calls out exercises that can have negative impact on your joints, which is super helpful for someone like me with joint issues. And he gives you alternatives and work-arounds."

"Athlean-x is my number one because of the way Jeff approaches training from a physical therapist perspective. Also a big fan of Alan Thrall. Lots of good info with no drama and bull***t."

"I agree that Jeff (Athlean-X) has the best fitness Channel. He explains how your muscle and joints work really well. A ton of his content is showing you how to train for the long haul and not tear up your body plus he's not a pushy salesman."

#2 - Alan Thrall

"Alan Thrall. He makes it easy to follow in how to do the main lifts, how to program, and consults medical doctors with exercise experience and expertise."

"Alan Thrall's form videos and your general information is what I come to YouTube for. Alphadestiny has some good information. But seing as I am a former fattie growig older and want a superdad (everyday strongman) type of body Alan and you are my greatest sources of information for me personally."

"Alan Thrall: Blue-collar, straight-forward help learning how to do lifts correctly."

#3 - Omar Isuf

"Omar Isuf - Very genuine in general, informative on form critique and supplements, and takes time to answer viewers questions. His channel has a very positive vibe and he's entertaining."

"Omar Isuf: Most well-rounded technical and scientific help. He has a lot of smart friends that add great content to his channel. It's great for natural lifters because he is a natural lifter. He's very well-rounded and strong for his size."

#4 - Alpha Destiny

"Alex of "Alphadestiny" because he keeps it real about strength and fitness. He's a straight-up guy who will always responds to negative beliefs about him with facts. (Like doing rack pull above the knee, his way of progression in strength training, etc) and I believe he's 90% natural (the other 10% is because of his minoxidil beard... lol)."

"Alpha Destiny - AthleanX - Bios3 - James Tiny Vest - Massive Iron - Starting Strength. Alphabetical Order - they all have their own specialty and I consider these the best I found online. Thank you for your passion and love for what you do."

"AlphaDestiny, Omar Isuf, Candito (if he counts), Steve Shaw, Alan Thrall."

"Alphadestiny: Best unorthodox lifting advice that often works. Rack pulls above the knee and concurrent/conjugate periodization are working for me. It reminded me that when you're lifting for fun rather than competition, you don't have to focus solely on the big three. You can pick some lifts you enjoy and go at them."

#5 - Brian Alsruhe

"Brian Alsruhe, Omar Isuf and Alpha Destiny. As far as I know or I can tell they are natural. Have been doing it for a long time. They have worked around injuries and rehabbed injuries. They give the best knowledge that they can, with tried and tested methods."

"I don't think you could find a more genuine and just straight up positive guy then Brian Alsruhe. Not only is he a monster in the gym but he takes the time to profile adaptive athletes in his videos, does lots of Q&As, and just puts out tons of great content."

"Brian Alsruhe: Strong AF, humble AF, knowledgeable, very motivated and motivating, but never in a talk down to you kind of way. Probably has the highest amount of integrity in an industry that doesn't have a lot. Isn't pushing sponsors or discount codes. Doesn't even push his own coaching and programming services in every video."

#6 - Supertraining

"Mark Bell. He has a great cast of characters and tons of helpful info."

"Supertraining: Mark Bell brings a lot of knowledge about the big three lifts. Some of his Powercast specials and supporting content are pure gold like his series with Ed Coan or Brian Shaw."

"Supertraining with the instructional videos/entertainment."

#7 - Buff Dudes

"I would have to go with the Buff Dudes, Layne Norton, and yourself.

Buff Dudes present fitness tips and information in an entertaining and engaging way that helps to bridge the gap from beginner to intermediate lifter and they have recently put out a bulking plan that is very well done that is great for beginning lifters.

Layne Norton helps to give a scientific breakdown of each major lift and the cues that help to ensure a better rep quality and therefore a better lifting quality across the board.

Massive Iron - Steve Shaw: Up until very recently I was a beginner that was trying to bang out every magazine workout that I could get my hands on. I wasn't making any significant gains in strength or size and I was starting to get fairly discouraged, not enough to quit, but enough to search out more information. I came across Massive Six and am now in my 7th week (3rd week of Stage 3) and the rep goal system has shown me the proverbial light. I'm still a beginner, but I am making serious strides in the gym and I have a newfound fire from being able to see the strength gains and weight loss/muscle gain."

#8 - James Tiny Vest

"James tiny vest hands down gents. He's a genuine guy who tries too give out the best advice that he can and he helps people outside Youtube and the Internet so I just cant think of anyone more fit to be on that best of the best list guys."

"Massthetics, James Tiny Vest, Alphadestiny, Alan Thrall; those are my fabs, not ginourmous channels but you can see the authenticity on them."

#9 - Jeff Nippard

"I tend towards those with both proven results and science to back them up such as Steve Shaw, Omar Isuf, Athlean X, Jeff Nipard, Layne Norton, Allan Thrall, Mike Isreatel. Powerlifting to Win, John Candito, Brandon Campbell, and a few others that I can't remember off hand. I'm looking at some other lists and just don't know enough about some of these channels to have an informed opinion so I'll start looking into a few that seem to show up on multiple lists."

"I would say Omar Isuf, Sean Nalewanyj, and Jeff Nippard (love his science explained workout series)."

#10 - Infinite Elgintensity

"For entertainment Elgin. For straightforward informative info Massive Iron, James Vest, Athlean X. On the bodybuilding side I personally like Lee Priest over at Sam's Fitness as he is always pretty blunt and honest. I also enjoy RX even if it is more of a tabloid format."

"I also like Logical Bro and Elgintensity. I actually watch fitness Youtubers for entertainment because no matter what I hear on YouTube I do my own reading and research to check the validity of the information. Basically I just watch YouTube to pass my time while doing other things like cardio or taking a break for a few minutes. All the guys I listed take YouTube the way I take it as a form of entertainment."

Honorable Mentions - #11 to 20

11 - Juggernaut Training
12 - Elliot Hulse
13 - Silent Mike
14 - Jonnie Candito
15 - Mark Rippetoe
16 - Scott Herman
17 - Layne Norton
18 - Chris Jones
19 - Eric Bugenhagen
20 - Broscience Life

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ALI - January 11, 2019

Atlean X
Jeff nippard
Is really all I need

Aaron Miller - January 11, 2019

Rich was the GOAT on youtube, and jujimfu is a beast.

Aaron Miller - January 11, 2019

You have to check out Nick Bare. He’s my favorite youtuber. Nick has the BEST videos, the way he uses different angles, with his drone. But super training is awesome Smelly is a beast in the weight room and on the camera.

josh millhollan - January 11, 2019

Rich Piana somehow overlooked , mike o hearn, jujimufu is awesome, regan grimes has a good one, heard mike rashid and marc lobliner had good ones too

jeff gray - January 11, 2019

Have to check out some of these channels, love Athlean X, and watch most of these channels, but always looking for more info and different point of views.

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