Awakening Your Alpha Male by Learning the Lost Art of Respect

Awakening Your Alpha Male by Learning the Lost Art of Respect

This world is falling apart. I used to think it was a generational issue, and I still think some issues are more prevalent in the younger generation, but the act of respect is becoming a lost art. From how a man treats a lady, to respect for your body, to respect for your elders?it's all falling apart.

Last week we were introduced to a new fad called ?The Dad Bod.? Along with my man Sean Torbati, I dissected it in this video that is gaining viral traction fast:

Essentially, this is taking the lack of respect for one?s body and coining it a good thing, and then taking it even further and saying that women prefer this look of laziness and complacency. This is not good sign for society.

We used to idolize people who overachieved in all areas of life. Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his amazing rags to riches to GOVERNOR success story. Or how about Muhammad Ali, who dominated a single area of his life - boxing - with epic skill. Now, we have the media promoting mediocrity as brilliance!

In this article I will go point by point into how this trend of mediocrity is killing all areas of life and also address how you can awaken the ALPHA WITHIN to avoid this trap!

Awakening the Inner Alpha Male

How to Treat a Lady With Respect

RosesThe new generation sucks. From talking to females about how they are treated (including general references to women on social media), it's apparent that disrespect for women is an epidemic.

Real men treat women with respect, period. I risk sounding like an old white guy here, but I credit Hip-Hop Music for a lot of this. The demeaning words and descriptions of actions in this music not only can sway young males into believing this behavior is acceptable, but also make women feel that this is how men are and should be.

I have had this discussion with my male friends, who are all over the age of 25 years, and they agreed unanimously, this is epidemic. Men, stop being a-holes! Your mother is a woman for goodness sakes!

RESPECT women. Open doors for them. Buy them flowers. Provide ample foreplay and attention. CARE ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS! RESPECT WOMEN!

Being an alpha male does not mean being disrespectful. It means being confident enough in yourself to put someone else before you, and who better to do that with than a beautiful woman.

Respect Your Body

?No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.?  - Socrates

This is the truth. Training hard not only opens your body to gains but also opens your mind to going outside of its comfort zone and being great. This will benefit you in all areas of life.

All it takes is four or so days a week for an hour max, not anything crazy! Get in and PUSH HARD and set goals for diet and training adherence.

Paraphrasing the late Greg Plitt, ?You suffer in the gym so you don't have to suffer out there (the world).? The mind is being strengthened as you defy your previous limits in the gym everytime you step foot in that weight room, running path or bike trail and push it harder than you ever imagined.

Your max effort will one day be your warm up.

To circle back to the beginning, there is no reason any of these people with a ?Dad Bod? cannot find 60 minutes, four times a week and put down that beer. Just admit you don't want to do that.

don't tell me that women prefer pudgy bellies over abs! Sure, some might prefer it, and I am no better than anyone else, but don't put my peers and me down because your man looks has a belly!

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Respect Elders and People in General

When I was a young buck, I would go to gyms like Gold?s Venice (I went to Culver City High School so it was close by) and I would talk to anyone I could find. I would get information, absorb it.

Sometimes the information was idiotic, and even as a 16 year old, fat football player knew it was. But I listened and said thank you.

Those days are gone. On Instagram and the YouTube I have seen 17 year old kids with NO MUSCLE critique Branch Warren?s form in a demeaning way. You know, that Branch Warren who won the Arnold. Yeah, him.

And the stuff people say about me, knowing full well I can see the picture of their 12 inch just makes me part LOL and part want to punt a small dog.

The bottom line is that unless asked for advice or if you are offering constructive criticism and you are at least at their level or higher in anything, not just lifting, keep your mouth shut! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

And remember, even the worst advice MIGHT have a lesson in there somewhere, you never know!

The End of the Road

I hope that this article gave some perspective on respect. I always say that I treat everyone the same no matter what their color, gender, sexual orientation?everyone deserves respect. From the Janitor to the CEO, respecting your fellow man (and woman) is something that will enrich both yours and their lives.

Also, one day that Janitor might be your boss?I have seen this happen in real life!

Gain knowledge from everything around you. don't be complacent and be great!

And That's Not A Game!
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