7 Most Annoying and Awkward Gym Moments

7 Most Annoying and Awkward Gym Moments

Being a bodybuilder is one of the most rewarding natural undertakings an individual can partake in. What in the world could possibly be more rewarding than building muscle, looking better, and increasing your strength with nothing more than pure dedication, determination, consistency, and proper diet?

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However, as with any hobby and endeavor there are several potential downfalls, With bodybuilding, no matter how structured, organized, and well thought out your daily life is, there will always be some potential annoyances.

What are some of the worst moments in a bodybuilder?s life?

Awkward and Annoying Gym Moments

#1 - Forgetting your headphones

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Nothing is worse than chugging down your favorite pre-workout, slipping on your favorite pair of athletic shoes, and walking into the gym. You have your gear ready, your water bottle filled with your BCAA?s, and then suddenly? You forget your headphones.

Absolutely nothing is more devastating than this very moment. What will you do? Go around and head home to pick up the ear buds? Or simply get stuck listening to 90?s country gym background music? You decide.

#2 - Missing a PR

You?re amped up. Headphones on with your favorite song on full blast. Pre-workout running through your veins. Wearing your favorite, ?don't be a Pussy? tank.

You just ate multiple slices of pizza for adequate carbs to fuel your workout. You walk up to the bench and get in the perfect position. Then without warning you miss your PR attempt miserably.

Whatever the reasoning it just simply isn't your day. Your sleep was sufficient. Your diet was perfect. Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

don't get down on yourself. Make sure to finish your workout in the most effective manner possible because it happens to the best of us.

#3 - Forgetting a meal

No feeling is worse than being hungry as a bodybuilder. You went out to run errands expecting it to only last a couple hours. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances and additional items you forgot about you are now out longer than expected.

Do you run home to grab your Tupperware, or do you simply opt for a fast food alternative and forget about your macros?
Empty Plate

#4 - Getting injured

Some injuries may be minor, such as a shoulder sprain, but other injuries can be much worse. These injuries can lead to extended periods of time not being able to hit the gym.

Then there are other aches and pains that may continue nagging and returning for years upon years. These include tendonitis or shoulder mobility issues.

The important key to longevity is to minimize pain as much as possible and learn how your body responds and adapts to circumstances. Try to concentrate on working other portions of the body if one certain area is injured. Staying out of the gym entirely and becoming immobile is one of the worst measures you can take in most circumstances (unless the injury is extremely serious).

#5 - Having a smaller guy lift more than you

Big things can come in small packages. It always baffles us when a guy half our size reps out our max bench PR.

This can put a bit of a strain on our ego, but the important thing to realize is that strength and muscle growth do not always go entirely hand in hand. Several of the largest bodybuilders of all-time did not lift extremely heavy weights, but instead focused upon keeping constant muscle tension for the duration of a set.

#6 - Doing extended cardio

While cardiovascular endurance training may provide numerous health benefits it is one of the least favorite things for most bodybuilders to perform. Nothing can be more dreaded than walking on a treadmill or stepping onto the stairmaster, even if it only lasts 20 minutes.

Cardio is not absolutely necessary for losing weight but it does become a vital tool that can be extremely useful for getting those summertime shreds.

#7 - Equipment being occupied

it's Monday. You just got off work and are ready to go straight into the gym to kill a chest workout. Then suddenly you realize that every single bench is occupied with a line of hungry lifters ready to sprint to one as soon as it opens up.

Instead of destroying your workout you are now simply waiting for 30 minutes on the sidelines while the effects of your pre-workout slowly deteriorate to nothing. Every man for himself on International Chest Day.

Parting shots

Although  the bodybuilding lifestyle can be filled with triumphs and the occasional accolade, there are no doubt certain circumstances that make life dreary. During these times it is best to be positive no matter the circumstances surrounding your current situation.

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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

no headphones is the worst at most kinds of commercial gyms.

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