9 Workout Accessories That'll Improve Your Workout Flow

9 Workout Accessories That'll Improve Your Workout Flow

So you've been going to the gym on a regular basis and are starting to see some results. But you're also looking for ways to get that extra push to see even better results. One way you can get that extra edge to improve your workout flow is by starting to try out a few of these helpful workout accessories

9 Workout Accessories and What They're Good For

You don't need a ton of gym accessories to complete a workout or see results, but they sure do help. They provide different stimulation for your muscles, aid you in performing different tasks, help with recovery, and just make going to the gym more fun. These nine accessories will be sure to do wonders for your workout.

1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the perfect accompaniment for any gym goer. First off, you can take them anywhere. Second, you typically receive four or five different bands, each with its own resistance level, so you can progress as needed. 

They are perfect if you can't make it to the gym since you can use them instead of weights on almost any exercise with some creativity. More advanced lifters use them in conjunction with weights on leg exercises like squats to help keep their form while adding some extra resistance. You can even use bands to assist you in pre- or post-workout stretches.

2. Yoga Mats

Some may think that the only use for a yoga mat is for yoga, but that would be incorrect. Yoga mats have a wide array of uses. They are perfect for doing situps, pushups, or any ground-based exercises. 

They'll keep you off the potentially dirty gym floor and give you a little extra cushion on hard surfaces. The non-slip surface of yoga mats will keep you in place while you do active movements like mountain climbers and crunches. 

3. Foam Rollers

You may have seen people at the gym carrying around a big foam tube. This is a foam roller. It's a tool to use on your muscles either before or after a workout. These rollers come in many varieties, including smooth, grid patterns, and even vibrating versions. 

To use it, you put your body weight behind the muscle you want to target and roll it back and forth across the foam roller. If you use it before a workout, it can warm up your muscles, increasing your range of motion and circulation. You can also use it afterward for recovery since it helps reduce soreness and recovery by spreading out the lactic acid buildup in the targeted muscle. 

4. Fitness Trackers

One way to boost your motivation and keep track of your progress is by using a fitness tracker. These watch-style bands range from simple workout trackers to full-blown smartwatches. You can use them to keep track of the distance you run or walk, how long you lift, or how many laps you swim. One of the best ways to use a fitness tracker for working out is to monitor your heart rate zones. By monitoring your heart rate, you'll know if you're in the proper fat-burning zone or peak intensity for weight lifting.

5. Compression Gear

Another easy-to-use accessory that can power you through a workout is any form of compression gear. Compression gear exists as nearly any type of clothing, from socks to leggings and sleeves. The purpose of compression gear is to increase blood flow to the area you're going to be working. This increases performance and reduces soreness. They are usually made up of a spandex blend material, which also keeps you cool by wicking away sweat. 

6. Wireless Headphones

A workout accessory doesn't necessarily have to be used directly for the exercise itself. You want a good quality pair of Bluetooth headphones for the gym to make the experience much more enjoyable — you'll just be able to listen to your favorite tunes to pump you up. If you purchase a higher-end model, you may get features like noise cancellation to block out clanging weights or chatty individuals. 

7. Motivational Water Bottles

A recent trend in the fitness world is motivational water bottles. They'll help you increase your workout flow by making sure you're hydrated before, during, and after your workout. These large bottles have markings showing how much you should be drinking hourly throughout the day. Some even have motivational phrases to help you through the day. Follow the bottle's lead, and you'll definitely lower your risk of dehydration.

8. Good Quality Shoes

You may not really think about it, but the right shoes make a huge difference in whatever workout you're trying to perform. You want to look for a shoe that fits your needs, provides the proper support for both your feet and body, and is built from high-quality materials. 

For example, for lifting, you want a flat-bottomed shoe without any lift to keep your form proper, and when running, your shoes should be able to handle your preferred terrain (whether that be on trails, pavement, or the treadmill) without falling apart after a few dozen miles. You'll definitely notice a difference between bottom-tier and mid to high-tier shoes after a few uses. 

9. A Notebook or Fitness Tracking App

Either a notebook or fitness app can be used to help keep track of your progress at the gym, especially if you're lifting weights or cutting weight. It's important to log your sets, reps, weights, and how you feel if you want to make real progress. There are a ton of apps available for this purpose, or you can just use a good old-fashioned pen and paper 

Improve Your Workout Flow with Some New Accessories

Not only can new fitness accessories help you achieve better results, but they'll also give you some extra motivation to make it to the gym. To find some of these accessories and anything else you need to make your workout a success, stick with Tiger Fitness. Besides fitness accessories, we also sell supplements, vitamins, and clothing and have the diet and workout information you need to hit your goals. 

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