5 Ways to Fail 2017 - How to NOT Reach Your Goals

5 Ways to Fail 2017 - How to NOT Reach Your Goals

Look, let's be honest here. Success is hard. Looking your best requires a lot of work. Endless gym sessions. Cardio and cardio and cardio and cardio. And spinach. Jeez (as mom would say)... Spinach

OK, yes, some of you do actually like spinach. I do. But ice cream tastes so much better. So. Much. Better.

According to research, only 8% of people actually achieve a given new year's resolution. That's a grim statistic. Very grim, indeed. So if you're going to be a part of the 92% that fail, why not fail on an epic level! Go big or go home.

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So if building a better body is your goal, but you want to make sure and sabotage your progress, here are 5 ways to fail miserably in 2017.

How to NOT Reach Your Goals

#1 - Let Bad Days Derail You

Bad Eating DayIf you really want to fail, pretend that bad day aren't part of the journey. Let that single piece of cheesecake turn into three. Let that cheesecake binge day turn into a pity week of massive eating. Let a week's worth of junk food consumption turn into a month of overeating and massive weight gain.

You get the picture.

Miss a workout? Aw, heck! Miss another. And another. Why not miss the entire week and just start over again on Monday. Or next month? Or maybe in 2018? Just throw in the towel and quit. Take the year off and enjoy life. What's one more bad year going to matter?

Take Home: Ignore the bad days. They happen. The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up over them. Let them happen, wake up the next day, forget about them, and move on. A few bad days over the course of a year won't prevent you from looking your best, but quitting on yourself will.

#2 - Don't Cultivate Motivation Daily

Wut Wut? Cultivate motivation? Isn't that still illegal in a few southern states?

If you want to fail, pretend that motivation is just some magical, mystical essence that infests your body each day and requires zero work to maintain. Nothing could be further from the truth, but who wants the truth... Right?

Successful people cultivate motivation. They get up each day and read articles that motivate them, watch videos that connect them with their goals and join fitness and healthy eating circles that provide some form of accountability.

But you don't want to do that. You want to fail.

Distance yourself from anything and everything that might inspire and motivate you. Make sure to avoid investing time in things that connect you with your goals and help you to stay focused.

Take Home: Wake up each day and connect with your goals. Watch a YouTube video that motivates you, read an article that focuses on you, or gets involved with a fitness forum or Facebook group. Make sure to connect multiple times each day with your goals. This is how you cultivate motivation.

#3 - Surround Yourself With Negative People

"That's a stupid way to workout! You're foolish and going to get hurt!"

"You'll fail. Why even try? You've never accomplished anything."

Ah, the sweet words we all long to hear... If we want to fail. Negative people are like gasoline to a fire. Have any doubt, they will amplify it. Worried about injury? A negative person will encourage you to avoid exercise altogether.

Concerned that your eating plan might have flaws? These folks will make sure you second guess every morsel of food that goes into your belly. Lacking confidence? Game over! Game over! Negative souls will drive nails into your coffin, making sure you never escape your place of self-doubt and succeed.

Take Home: Negative people are like cancer. If you are serious about reaching your goals you must remove them from your life, or at least distance yourself from the harsh criticism and demotivation they provide on a daily basis. This isn't an optional step. Positivity breeds positivity. Removing the negative from your life makes room for more positivity.

#4 - Don't Make Every Set Count

No one wants a good body anyway. Look good, you attract too much attention, and that only creates headaches and more headaches. Looking sexy is out! Besides, looking fit, athletic, and muscular requires too much upkeep. You MUST continue to work hard to maintain that look, as in... For the rest of your life.

The rest of my life? That's a huge, unwanted commitment.

It's OK to workout if you don't want to improve your body. What's not OK is if you push every set to the limit and make it count. Ignore progressive overload. Ignore pushing each set for as many reps as possible. Never challenge yourself, and never, ever, ever try to add weight.

When you make every set count you make every workout count. When you make every workout count you maximize your progress. We don't want that to happen. Looking good brings upon too much attention from strangers. We don't want sexual magnetism. We want ice cream and 2XL sweat tops.

Take Home: To build a muscular and fit body, make every set count. This is the fastest way to make progress. Push each set for as many quality reps as possible, stopping that set when you might reach failure on the next rep, or when your exercise form starts to slip. Add weight when it makes sense.

#5 - Eat a "Healthy" Diet

Eat a healthy diet? I thought a healthy diet was a good diet? Not necessarily. It depends upon what the definition of healthy is. A healthy diet is not the same as a diet that is optimal for building muscle and looking your best.

Most people seeking a better body switch to salads and carrot sticks and low-fat food choices (like low-fat yogurt and low-fat Lean Cuisine meals). While this is a good start it's not enough to build the body you want... So keep it up, especially if you want to fail to reach your goals.

A healthy diet isn't the same as a muscle building diet. A muscle building diet is high in protein and contains a good balance of healthy fats and quality carb foods. If you want to continue to look your worst, even when losing weight, keep your protein low and eat a lot of processed, "low fat" foods that are stuffed with all kinds of sugar and random ingredients.

Eating healthy also typically means undereating, to the point where you are consuming a borderline near-starvation diet. This is another amazing way to look your worst, and maybe even damage your health and cause bounce back weight, while shedding pounds.

Take Home: If you want to look your best, and build a fit and muscular body, you need more than a healthy diet. You need a muscle building diet. But. But... I don't want to look like a bodybuilder! Of course, you don't. Even still, to look your best you need to gain 5 to 20 pounds of muscle and that requires more than salads for lunch and low-fat yogurt snacks.
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

Great article, don’t wait for a resolution or perfect time to start, just start and keep going.

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