1988 Mr. Olympia - Winner Lee Haney

Another novelty for the Mr. Olympia contest came in the 1988. With the contest becoming more and more popular and therefore more demanding, the total prize money again climbed - now to $150,000.

Held on September 10th 1988 at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California, the 1988 Mr. Olympia was once again a chance for Lee Haney to defend his four-year streak and secure his fifth consecutive Olympia title. However, it was also the last time for Rich Gaspari, his main rival, to try and take the title from Haney's hands.

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Still, it was not only Haney and Gaspari competing on stage. There were 18 more professional bodybuilders as a mix of the older and the newer generation with some rising stars out there too. Each of them was willing to do their best and come closer to the 1988 Mr. Olympia title.

The show began when Lee Haney stepped on stage and confidently knew that the title is going in his hands again. Even if it wasn't, Haney was determined to show everyone that he is a true winner, as he was flexing his incredible poses perfectly to the music composed by Richard Wagner. What was great about Lee Haney was his ability to bring the audience along with him while flexing and bring up the intensity. And not just any audience - but the audiences in Brussels, Gothenburg, New York and now Los Angeles.

Rich Gaspari also had a great posing routine - but he was clearly at the end of his career and once again lost to Lee Haney. The 1988 Mr. Olympia went in the hands of Haney which was 'completely deserved' according to many critics.

As soon as the competition was over, people were wondering if there is anyone who can confront Lee Haney and take away the Olympia title from him. It seemed like it is a one-man show year after year, but for Haney it was another step closer to equaling Arnold Schwarzenegger's record.


1988 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 1  Lee Haney  
 2  Rich Gaspari  
 3  Berry de Mey  
 4  Lee Labrada  
 5  Gary Strydom  
 6  Mike Quinn  
 7  Brian Buchanan  
 8  Samir Bannout  
 9  Ron Love  
 10  Bob Paris  
 11  Mohammed Benaziza  
 12  Phil Hill  
 13  Shawn Ray  
 14  Michael Ashley  
 15  Albert Beckles  
 16  Edward Kawak  
 17  Robby Robinson  
 18  Peter Hensel  
 19  Luiz Freitas  
 20  Ralf Moeller  
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

Absolutely insane line up for this year.

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