1986 Mr. Olympia - Winner Lee Haney

The 1986 Mr. Olympia was held in the traditional location - the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus Ohio after the previous events in Belgium and New York.

The main spotlight even before the contest was Lee Haney's form, as well as the increase total price money that reached $120,000 ($55,000 of which went for the first winner). This was also the last Mr. Olympia for Tom Platz, who announced that he is going to retire after the contest.

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However, we couldn't say the same for Haney who was in full motion and more ready to win than ever before. After his success and wins at prestigious events and his two Mr. Olympia titles in a row and was ready for the third one.

Competing against 14 bodybuilders, Lee Haney took the title once again, showing amazing form, great muscle development and exceptional posing. It was evident that Haney has mastered everything and was in his lifetime form, winning against Rich Gaspari (2nd), Mike Christian (3rd), Albert Beckles (4th), Berry de Mey (5th), Peter Hensel (6th) and other bodybuilders including the experienced Tom Platz who finished on the eleventh place.

Besides his mass, Haney possessed some flowing lines and an amazing onstage presence that overwhelmed everyone from the first up to the last pose. "It was impossible to beat him" as many bodybuilders said. That is how Haney took the 1986 Mr. Olympia title in his hands once again and how he approached the next edition of the contest (as a true winner).


1986 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 1  Lee Haney  $55,000
 2  Rich Gaspari  $25,000
 3  Mike Christian  $13,000
 4  Albert Beckles  $9,000
 5  Berry de Mey  $6,000
 6  Peter Hensel  $4,000
 7  Bertil Fox  
 8  Ron Love  
 9  John Terelli  
 10  Josef Grolmus  
 11  Tom Platz  
 12  Jusup Wilkosz  
 13  Eduardo Kawak  
 14  Frank Richard  
 15  Gary Leonard  
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Killed guys with his back until the Shadow overtook his back development.

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