1983 Mr. Olympia - Winner Samir Bannout

The 1980s were a great time for bodybuilding. After 'Pumping Iron' was released, starring Schwarzenegger and other big names in the bodybuilding world, the sport had become more well known to the average masses. The 1983 Mr. Olympia was held on September 24th at the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany.

There were 15 bodybuilders competing for the prestigious Olympia title in 1983. The most popular names was Frank Zane who was also among the most experienced competitors along with Ed Corney, Albert Beckles and others at the time. A new rising star named Lee Haney appeared for the first time in the big competition and promised a lot with his great genetics and amazing form. As his 5'11'' and 230-pound frame took the place onstage, his immense muscularity immediately stood out among most of the professional bodybuilders in the line-up.

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However, the title fell into the hands of Samir Bannout, who won the 1983 Mr. Olympia title and the $50,000 cash prize after four unsuccessful attempts. Known as 'the Lion of Lebanon', Bannout got very popular after his win and appeared in covers of numerous fitness and bodybuilding publications. His achievement had a lot to do with the form, his perfectly shaped lower back region and a great physique in overall.

Bannout paved the way for many other bodybuilders in the future, proving that anything is possible in the Olympia contests and making his dream of winning such prestigious title a reality. Even though he finished 6th the next year and was suspended later, he still stands among the big names in the competition history.


1983 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 1  Samir Bannout  $25,000
 2  Mohamed Makkawy  
 3  Lee Haney  
 4  Frank Zane  
 5  Bertil Fox  
 6  Jusup Wilkosz  
 7  Albert Beckles  
 8  Johnny Fuller  
 9 Hubert Metz  
 10  Jacques Neuville  
 11  James Gaubert  
 12  Dale Ruplinger  
 13  Gerard Buinoud  
 14  Ed Corney  
 15  Lance Dreher  
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

love samir, he’s a true addict of the iron game

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