1978 Mr. Olympia - Winner Frank Zane

The IFBB professional bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia 1978 was held in September, 1978 at the Veterans Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio. The total prize money was once again increased along with the popularity of the sport and the Olympia event, totaling $26,000 for the winner of the contest.

The 1978 Mr. Olympia was also marked as one of the events with the most competitors, including 13 different bodybuilders in two groups - 'Over 200lbs' and 'Under 200lbs' as the previous few years. The main battle was once again held between Robby Robinson and Frank Zane. However, the list of impressive bodybuilders also included the names of Roy Callender, Boyer Coe, Danny Padilla, Ed Corney, Mohamed Makkawy, Dennis Tinerino, Kalman Szkalak, Roger Walker, Bill Grant Tony Emmott and Albert Beckles.

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Almost like an instant replay of the previous year show, Frank Zane's main rival was Robby Robinson who was actually bigger than him in terms of weight. However, Zane's form was amazing and his physique was chiseled to the bone with every muscle being visible on stage. This made Frank Zane the winner of the 1978 Mr. Olympia and a second-time winner of the contest.

Zane again proved that what wins the contest is actually quality and consistency. By working hard and focusing on his form, he proved many that he can even appear bulkier and more defined, which was definitely the case at the 1978 Mr. Olympia contest.

Frank Zane was becoming a role model to many bodybuilders and a name that was mentioned more and more among the crowd in this sport. It was clear that Zane was looking to break records and get more titles in the future.


1978 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 Over 200lbs    
 1  Robby Robinson  
 2  Roy Callendar  
 3  Kalman Szkalak  
 4  Dennis Tinerino  
 5  Roger Walker  
 Under 200lbs    
 1  Frank Zane  
 2  Boyer Coe  
 3  Danny Padilla  
 4  Ed Corney  
 5  Tony Emmott  
 6  Mohamed Makkawy  
 7  Bill Grant  
 8  Albert Beckles  
 1  Frank Zane  
 2  Robby Robinson  
 3  Roy Callender  
 4  Boyer Coe  
 5  Kalman Szkalak  
 6  Danny Padilla  
 7  Ed Corney  
 8  Tony Emmott  
 9  Dennis Tinerino  
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