1970 Mr. Olympia - Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger

The IFBB professional bodybuilding competition named Mr. Olympia was traditionally held in September 1970 - however this time at the Town Hall in New York City. Since the interest for Mr. Olympia was greater, the competition also got more popular and needed a larger hall that will be able to fit the entire audience.

There were three contestants at the 1970 Mr. Olympia. However, these weren't the three standard contestants anyone would expect. Instead, it was three names that said a lot for themselves.

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First on the list was Reg Lewis, a bodybuilder with proportionate boy and nothing outstanding or detracting. He had won a couple of IFBB awards at the time and was therefore qualified for the Mr. Olympia. Even though the audience knew that he wasn't a solid competitor to Oliva and Schwarzenegger, he made sure to impress a lot of admirers.

As soon as Bud Parker, the host of the show, presented the next bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped on the scene. The audience was a lot more thrilled as three years before when he first competed for the title or the previous year. They went mad and crumbled to the ground as Arnold was pulling off his unique routine quickly as it was just a formality.

Last on the list was the title holder that had a three-year Mr. Olympia streak - Sergio Oliva. Incredibly, Oliva was bigger than ever and threw his confident presentation once again, as the true title holder that he was.

When all of the bodybuilders stepped on the scene together, Arnold decided to set the bar higher and signaled Sergio to shoot into any pose, implying that he will successfully duplicate it and 'shoot him down in flames', as he said that night. The dominance of Schwarzenegger was best seen during the front most muscular and the three quarter back shot. However, Oliva threw his arms to the side proudly and shot a double biceps pose - something in which Arnold was outscored.

After multiple poses between Lewis, Schwarzenegger and Oliva, the judges saw that Arnold was in his best form and that he knew how to pull out each pose. So, it was 1970 when the legendary bodybuilder got his first Mr. Olympia title, crowned as the best professional bodybuilder of 1970.


1970 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 1  Arnold Schwarzenegger  $1,000
 2  Sergio Oliva  
 3  Reg Lewis  
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