1969 Mr. Olympia - Winner Sergio Oliva

A lot of people were worried that after the one-man show on the 1968 Mr. Olympia and Sergio Oliva's 'given' title, there would be no actual competition or any excitement for the 1969 Mr. Olympia at all. However, a lot of fans attended the competition which was once again held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. In fact, the moment the audience got inside the hall, their impatience and excitement was evident.

This was good for the contest and for the competitors as well. Speaking of which, there were only two at the time - Sergio Oliva (the title holder at the time) and Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian guy known for his great achievements in the IFBB competitions and his amazing form at the time.

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First to grace the scene was Arnold Schwarzenegger, a bodybuilder who was a proud holder of the Mr. Universe a couple of times at the time. The moment he stepped on the scene, he smiled and hit an incredible double biceps pose that stole every voice in the auditorium. From hip movements to leg movements, chest poses, pectorals, deltoids and biceps, Arnold showed every single muscle on his skin and impressed everyone with his development.

However, the crowd was also prepared to see Oliva and his form, known at the time as the 'king' of the Mr. Olympia. There were even some fans with printed 'Sergio is king' T-shirts who desperately waited for the moment when Oliva will step on the scene. After chanting Sergio's name for a full five minutes, Oliva known as 'The Myth' showed up and said 'You gonna see somethin' but you ain't gonna believe it'. This gave him even more confidence as he started jigging around on the posing platform and throwing his hands in the typical Sergio fashion.

Oliva even repeated 'I ain't gonna let you down, babe' to his audience as he continued flexing. He won even the neutral fans and made them enjoy the mesmerizing effect of his presence. At the moment, it seemed like he won the judges' hearts too - who decided to crown him the Mr. Olympia title for the third year in a row.

That is how Sergio retained his Olympia crown, and how he stirred up the rivalry with most of the pro-bodybuilders at the time. However, Schwarzenegger showed massive respect towards Oliva's win and congratulated him in a friendly fashion, as he held the $1000 check.


1969 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 1  Sergio Oliva  $1,000
 2  Arnold Schwarzenegger  
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

Arnold said in his bio he knew it was over once they hit the stage and he saw Oliva’s back

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