1965 Mr. Olympia - Winner Larry Scott

The idea of gathering all the Mr. Universe contestants in a whole new concept is what made Joe Weider announce the first Mr. Olympia contest, held on September 18th, 1965. The idea was to determine who was the greatest bodybuilder on the planet. Before that, a total of 13 bodybuilders were known for winning prestigious trophies like the Mr. Universe.

What was interesting at this time is that Joe Weider helped Larry Scott, a prestigious bodybuilder at the time to train for the first Mr. Olympia and hopefully take the trophy in his own hands. Weider knew that this contest was going to become the biggest bodybuilding contest ever held and it was Larry Scott that wanted to shine on it.

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The competition was established to allow the Mr. Universe winners to compete against each other on a whole new level - and earn more money. Held at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in New York City, the competition promised a cash prize of $1000 for the winner.

Three bodybuilders qualified for this initial Mr. Olympia: Larry Scott, Harold Poole, and Earl Maynard. After hours of flexing and showing their muscles, it was Larry Scott who was proud to hold the first Mr. Olympia title. With a lot of ovations (most of which aimed at Larry Scott), the world got a new winner and the best bodybuilder at the time.

The 1965 Mr. Olympia contest was not forgotten days, weeks or even months after it was held. The fans were talking a lot about it and the streets were crowded with people who saw how big bodybuilders can be and how well-developed Larry Scott was to take the first place.

The excitement of the first 1965 Mr. Olympia can be still remembered and was what announced the second Mr. Olympia held then next year (1966).


1965 Mr. Olympia Results
Placing Competitor Prize
 1  Larry Scott  $1,000*
 2  Harold Poole  
 3  Earl Maynard  
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