10 Sure Fire Tactics for Maximizing Fitness Motivation

10 Sure Fire Tactics for Maximizing Fitness Motivation

It is important to stay motivated when you want to improve your body. If not you might not stick with your workout programs and nutritional plans when easier, unfavorable options present themselves. Your chances of success in the gym and kitchen depend on your ability to achieve what needs to be done in order to change and improve your body.

These 10 suggestions will help you stay motivated and complete the task of improving your body!

10 Tips to Maximize Your Fitness Motivation

Take a Picture

Tip #1 - Take Before Pictures

Take pictures of yourself both facing the camera, and facing away from the camera. This way you can see your body the way it is.

don't worry about flexing. don't suck in your stomach or attempt to make yourself look better than you really are in any way.

These are your before pictures. They must reflect the body you are not satisfied with, and the body you are wanting to change.

These pictures will give you an honest assessment of your body. As time passes you will take additional pictures, seeing your personal improvement is extremely motivating.

Tip #2 - Write Out a Set of Short Term Goals

Long Term goals are important, but writing down some goals that you hope to achieve in 8-12 weeks will give you something to shoot for immediately.

Avoid goals that involve the scale. Instead, target goals that involve an amount of weight lifted with various exercises, or amount of reps with a certain weight or exercise.

Accept the fact that you may not reach all your goals. You will be frustrated at times while you attempt to reach the goals you set. Struggling to reach difficult goals is both satisfying and motivating - once you achieve them.

Tip #3 - Set Aside a Time to Workout - AND KEEP IT!

Spend some time deciding when you will be able to work out. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to working out during this time. It should now be your priority.

Acknowledge that the time you have set aside to workout is an appointment you made to improve your body and life, one that you need to keep if you are going to reach your goals. There may be emergencies that have to be dealt with during your workout time but those should be the only justification for not working out.

don't let excuses keep you from the gym. Remember why this time has been set aside. Having a set time to workout makes your training a standard part of your day and increases your chances of executing your workouts.

Tip #4 - Use a Calorie Counting App

Calorie counting apps such as My Fitness Pal make it easier to follow your nutritional plan. They simplify the logging process and reduce the math, as well as provide you with a statistical picture of your numbers in the kitchen.

Entering your meals, snacks, drinks, and everything else you consume will give you an accurate readout of your daily calories and macros. You can effortlessly check to see where you are with your numbers and what you still need to add to reach your daily nutritional objectives.

As you begin to reach your goals in the kitchen you motivate yourself to follow your nutritional program more accurately.
Calorie Counting
Entering your meals, snacks, drinks, and everything else you consume will give you an accurate readout of your daily calories and macros.

Tip #5 - Join a Fitness Forum

Fitness forums can be a great tool to newcomers and seasoned lifters alike. They offer varying opinions on the fitness world and a wealth of knowledge.

Most forums have sections related to workouts, transformations, nutritional advice, and a wide variety of informational articles. You can ask like-minded people questions and usually, the forum members are willing to help those in need.

Click Here to Join the Tiger Fitness Forum

Logging your workouts in a training section can help you stay motivated, pushing you to keep working out hard. Why? Your numbers are out in the open for everyone to see and you'll want to show progress.

I recommend the Tiger Fitness and Muscle and Brawn forums if you want to check two out right now.

Tip #6 - Utilize Social Media Sites

Instagram and Google+ are filled with fitness-related accounts that you can look at for motivation. Additionally, you can find blogs and transformation stories detailing numerous processes and success stories.

You can start your own account with your before picture and post progress pictures, motivational quotes, healthy food pictures, or nothing at all; whatever you prefer. You can choose to interact with others or just look for motivation.

Looking at fitness-related posts and stories where people in similar situations as you have successfully improved their body is motivating. They prove what you want to do is possible and encourage you to continue towards your goals.


Ignore the haters. Let them be your motivators.

Tip #7 - Deflect the Negativity and Haters

It is imperative that you keep a positive attitude and ignore the haters in order to stay motivated and persist in your process.

There seems to be a lot of negativity in the fitness world and it is easy to get caught up in it. Who is doing what wrong, who is cheating and who said or thinks what has absolutely no impact on your goals.

Stay positive and believe in yourself and your process! don't let another person's doubts, insecurities, or negative attitude detract you from your belief in yourself.

Try not to argue. Just remember what is important for your situation. Attempt to distance yourself from, and eliminate, the negative people in your life before it dawns on you that you are surrounded with the doubt and negativity that accompanies the hater attitude.

Tip #8 - Visualize the Positive Rewards of Achieving Your Goals

A great way to keep yourself motivated is to picture the short and long-term goals you have. Think about how your body has been improving and what you hope to see in the future.

How are you going to improve on these goals as you begin to reach them? Contemplating your process, your struggles, and your plans for improvements encourages and motivates you as you push towards your goals.

Tip #9 - Remember to Rest

Proper rest is mandatory for proper motivation. Without proper rest, your body will not be able to repair itself, both physically and mentally.

It is impossible to properly execute your workouts or even motivate yourself to go to the gym if your body is demanding sleep. Your muscles need rest to be able to function properly in the gym.

Push yourself as hard as you can in the gym but properly rest your muscles with recovery time as outlined in your program.

Tip #10 - Find a Motivational Quote That Speaks to You

There are no shortages of motivational quotes in the fitness world. Countless memes and quotes are constantly circulated all over the Internet.

Find one you feel speaks to you and keep it handy for times you need a quick reminder about why you are doing what you are doing. Write it on your training log cover, put it up in the gym, have it engraved on the back of your iPod - wherever your eyes find it easily and you think you'll see it daily.

"Being negative and lazy is a disease that leads to pain, hardship, depression, poor health, and failure." - Phil Heath

Use these motivational tips to help you achieve and surpass the goals you have set for yourself. A motivated trainer is a successful trainer. don't give up, be consistent in the gym and the kitchen and your body will reward you!

"Work out. The body is a horrible thing to waste!"

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