10 Steps to Help You Survive Gym Life

10 Steps to Help You Survive Gym Life

Step #1 - Wear Your Gym Clothes to Bed

This will make getting up at 4am for cardio or a workout much easier. You can simply roll out of bed, and zombie-walk to your car.
Gym Clothes to Bed

Step #2 - Pack Protein Everywhere

Put protein bars, protein powders, beef jerky, and cans of tuna everywhere! Gym bag. Car glove box. Desk drawers. ALWAYS be prepared. NEVER be without your gains.
Pack Protein

Step #3 - Photoshop Yourself Into This Picture, Pin it Up at Work

Keep your motivation high! Photoshop yourself into this Arnold Schwarzenegger picture, and repeat the mantra... Arnold believes in me! Arnold believes in me!
Step 3

Step #4 - Keep Your Gym Bag in Your Car

Never, ever, ever bring your gym bag into your house. Ever. Never, ever, ever. The last thing you want is to arrive at the gym, only to forget your pre-workout, headphones, and Versa Gripps.
Gym Bag In Car

Step #5 - Post a Social Media Swolfie Every Day!

Let the world know you lift! Post a swolfie every day. That way, you can remind yourself on rest days, or after cheat meals, that you do - indeed - lift. And whatever you do, don't forget a #flexfriday biceps shot. Boom!
Post a Swolfie

Step #6 - Release the Rage!

Forget the naysayers! Release stress during your workouts. Grunt. Grown. Yell. Scream. Turn your music up full blast and lift like you're the only one in the gym. Who cares if people look at you funny. They don't even lift! #RAWR
Release the Rage

Step #7 - 2 Scoops, Baby!

Stimulants are your friend, and lifting is freaking hard. The struggle is real, sleep is the enemy, and your boss is a jerk. By the time you hit the gym, your tank is on empty. Turbo-power your workout with 2 scoops or pre-workout.
2 Scoops!

Step #8 - Create Your Own Fit Fam!

Marry into fitness. Find your swolemate. That special fit chick or fit stud. Tie the knot, and secure all future gains. Forge forward with purpose, creating children who will seeketh after gains.
Start a Fit Fam

#9 - Treat Sex as Cardio

Treadmill cardio is boring! We all know that. And... The benefits of sex are many. Instead of grinding out steady state cardio, turn up the heat by turning your love making session into heart-pounding, calorie-torching high intensity interval training.
Sex as Cardio

#10 - Turn Every Free Minute as a Recovery Minute

Rest. Rest. Rest. When you're not lifting, eating, working, or performing cardio (see step #9), become a sloth. Maximize recovery by doing jack squat.
Recovery Time
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John Best - January 11, 2019

Im terrified of number 7. Two scoops might kill me!

John Hennessy - January 11, 2019

#8 Is every gym rat’s goal. To find a swolemate that is as crazy about fitness as they are. That would be awesome!

jeff gray - January 11, 2019

good tips to get them gainz!!

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