10 Freaky Awesome Fitness World Records

10 Freaky Awesome Fitness World Records

#1 - Pull Ups in 24 Hours - Female

Australian Eva Clark performed 3,737 pull ups in 24 hours on March 10th, 2016, at the Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi.

#2 - Fastest Power Stairs

On June 26th, 2014, Zydrunas Savickas from Lithuania set a world record for the power stairs. He managed to carry three 225kg weight up five steps (known as the power stairs, separately. His time: 31.60 seconds.

#3 - Crushing Watermelons With Thighs

Olga Liashchuk from the Ukraine set a new world record by crushing three watermelons between her thighs in only 14.65 seconds. This record was set at the Mediaset Stuios in Milan, Italy, on June 26th, 2014.

#4 - Longest Rail Grind on Skis

On March 27th, 2016, Tom Wallisch from the USA successfully performed a 422 foot, 1.1 inch rail grind on skis. This was accomplished at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

#5 - 100 Meter Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins

You won't believe this one. Christopher Irmscher from Germany set a world record by running a 100 meter hurdles wearing swim fins. His time was 14.82 seconds. This record was set on Die Grössten Weltrekorde in Cologne, Germany, on September 13th, 2008.

#6 - Juggling Soccer Balls

Victor Rubilar from Argentina set the record by juggling 5 soccer balls at the same time. This was successfully attempted on November 4th, 2006. It has since been equalled twice: By Isidro Silveira in 2015, and Marko Vermeer in 2014.

#7 - Heaviest Aircraft Pull - Male

On September 17th, 2009, Canadian Kevin Fast managed to pull a 416,299 pound CC-177 Globemaster III aircraft. This craft was pulled a total of 8.8 meters

#8 - Kicking Items Off Heads

Silvana Shamuon from Canada was able to kick an amazing 59 items off of heads in only one minute. This was accomplished on June 1st, 2016, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

#9 - Longest Usable Golf Club

Michael Furrh from the USA holds the record for the longest usable golf club. His driver measured in at an immense 8.56 meters, and was able to drive a ball 59 yards. This record was set on September 12th, 2016.

#10 - Most Sword Cuts

On June 15th, 2015, Agisilaos Vesexidis from Greece achieved an incredible 73 martial arts sword cuts in only 60 seconds. This was accomplished in the Municipal Summer Theater, in Komotini, Greece.

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Scott Moore - January 11, 2019

I think people are born with special talents and consistent at their craft

jeff gray - January 11, 2019

some very interesting records

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