The 10 Biggest Gym Douchebags

The 10 Biggest Gym Douchebags

Guys that workout often receive a bad rap. They are often viewed as self-obsessed, narcissistic, or worse being the typical ?gym? douchebag.

Not all guys that lift regularly fit into one of these stereotypes. Still, many of us unknowingly make mistakes that may make us look like douchebags to our fellow gym members.

The follow is a list of common gym douchebag activity. You've likely seen these types of individuals at your local gym.

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10 Common Gym Idiots

Gym douchebags come in many forms, but by following this list you will be able to spot them from a distance.

"The Weight Hogger"

Now don't get me wrong. Many of us do like to perform supersets, burn out the muscles and help stimulate hypertrophy. However, there is a limit to the acceptability of machine hogging.

When someone is using a bench press, a shoulder press, and a squat rack concurrently they are preventing others from having a solid workout. Try to limit yourself to one machine at a time, or perform superset movements that can be done on the same machine.

"The Banger"

[caption id="attachment_15764" align="alignright" width="280"]Yelling at the Gym ARGHHHH!!! This may be light weight, but I'M A BEAST!!![/caption]

There are certain movements that call for banging heavy weight against the ground, such as deadlifts and pendlay rows. However, there's always that one guy that is repping out 25 pound dumbbell bench presses who makes himself known to the rest of the gym.

For some reason he feels the need to violently throw the weights to the ground. This is followed by a loud outburst of some kind.

If the weights are light to begin with...Guys. just set them on the ground. Trust me. Making noise doesn't make you look like a bad ass, it only makes you look like an idiot.

"The Starer"

The starer has been around for ages. The one guy that is working out in his trucker cap and feels the need to grunt and stare at every guy that walks in his general direction.

This may be due to insecurity, or the fact that he is insecure about his size and trying to make up for it by intimidating other members. Whatever the case may be, there's always a few of these gym-goers that feel the need to somehow assert their dominance.

"The Creeper"

This is the individual that pretends to do bicep curls right outside of the women?s spin class. He performs repetitions of 100 with 10 pound weights while simultaneously staring through the window.

Sorry buddy, but you are not fooling anyone. We all know you are checking out booty, and you are not being smooth about it.

"The Has-Been"

The has-been is an individual of middle to older age who has a beer gut that hangs over the front of his pants. He wears old school bodybuilder gloves, a wife-beater from the 1980?s, and always talks about how much weight he used to lift ?back in the day.?

This individual may be in better shape than some of his contemporary counterparts, but not by much. However, these days he spends more time talking in the gym rather than working out and is constantly focusing on the ?good-ole days.?
Gym Texting
Sitting on a piece of equipment and texting is a no-no. It tells other gym members that you don't respect their time.

"The Overly Helpful Bro"

Sometimes you ask this individual for a spot, and instead of helping you they tend to lift the weight for you. They are also fond of constantly saying, ?you got this.? All the while you are hoping they don't let you drop the weight on your face.

?Just one more rep bro you got this.?

"The Wannabe Personal Trainer"

You go in the gym and just want to complete your workout without any feedback from the peanut gallery. However, this guy constantly feels the need to come up to you and tell you the proper way to perform movements.

This individual is especially ?overly helpful? with the female crowd. He tends to get extremely close and make everyone around him feel uncomfortable.

"The Style Expert"

Now this frequent gym-goer may not necessarily say anything profane in nature, but for whatever reason they tend to dress in an overly-flashly manner. Their outfit may consist of designer shoes, gold chain necklaces, overly-expensive headphones, and a watch with a face the size of a small car?s rim.

Sometimes you have to wonder what in the world these guys are thinking.

"The Talker"

The Talker looks like they lift, dresses like they lift, and by all accounts appears to be into health and fitness. However, they are constantly on their headset walking the gym in circles making business deals that may or may not mean the end of the world.

what's worse about this type of person is that they are usually taking up a bench, or some other piece of machinery, wasting time of someone that actually wants to use it.

Don't Be "That Guy"

Gym douchebags can give gyms a bad name, and ruin the workouts of many serious members. These troubling individuals come in a wide variety of sizes and forms.

However, if we all exercise due care and proper judgment we will avoid falling into the trap of becoming one of these individuals.
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Olivia Lowery - January 11, 2019

Use to have a couple older guys who wanted to over correct everything 😂. Super awkward when they tell you wrong and you feel like they’re watching you during your next set. Haven’t seen them for a while now.

Devin Foley - January 11, 2019

My favorite is the people who take a t shirt, cut the sides from the neck to the bottom and that is their go to attire, even though they definitely should not be wearing that.

Chelsea Crews - January 11, 2019

Great article! I had a couple of wanna be personal trainer/has-been combos try to give me advice when I started lifting. Both told me I should stick to cardio if I wanted to lose weight (Given, the one guy had a big pot belly!) I am so glad I IGNORED them and stuck with what I learned on TF. I am happier, leaner, and stronger than I’ve ever been!

MICHAEL FLAMMIA - January 11, 2019

Working out at LA Fitness has been the worse. Some of guys that come in think they are Arnold and do all the above stuff… douches. If your going to be that guy just get a membership at golds

Spenser Nobles - January 11, 2019

I have a few of these at my gym. One guy yells out stuff like “he strong” while benching; one guy bangs the weights together when he’s loading the bar, even if it’s just 225 and a has-been tells me about his football days before he does some of the worst form bench pressing I have ever seen.

Gym life.

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