Shock Therapy Workouts - Electrifying Your Way to Power and Strength?

We all know we have to get up and moving more. It's not a secret.

But what would you say if you could entirely change your health by doing a 30-minute workout two times per week? Would you do it?

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What about if you are getting shocked in the process?

There's a gym out in the Upper East Side of New York that is offering classes that give a shockingly different edge than other gyms. Their clients are suiting up to an Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology, known as EMS.

I know this would certainly get me up and moving.

So How Does This Work?

The bodysuit you put on has electrodes that need to be dampened so that it will conduct electricity before the workout. Dressing in special undergarments, you'll get strapped in and attached to the power packs that will send tiny electronic pulses of electricity.

This electricity will activate about 300 critical muscle groups all at once. The electrodes in the suit will cause your muscles to involuntarily contract.

Everyone is Different

Fortunately, the intensity of the shocks are customized to each person's tolerance and strength level.

The Workout

After putting on the suit, the real workout begins. You'll get some strength training in with some aerobic conditioning.

Once the instructor has gotten your heart rate up with cardio and strength movements, the trainer will raise the intensity even more.

Shock Therapy’s founder Esra Çavusoglu says that the participants' muscles work overtime, but the class is only 30 minutes long. This actually cuts gym time in half.

“That’s why we only suggest twice a week, so it will be equal to six days working out and take a day off to enjoy your family,” he says.

Why Does It Work?

If you've ever seen someone gets hit with a stun gun, you know that your body involuntarily contracts all of its muscles due to the electricity flowing through our muscles.

Not only are the muscle contractions involuntary, they can be pretty strong.

If you take a look at electrode therapy, you know that you can buy a TENS unit to treat painful conditions.

It's called Bioelectric Therapy.

Bioelectric therapy is a safe and drug-free treatment for those in pain.

It helps treat some chronic and acute pain conditions. It does this by attaching small rubber adhesive discs onto specific parts of your body. This helps pain by blocking the pain messages to the brain.

When injured, your pain receptors send a message to your nervous system that is registered as pain by certain cells in your body.

Using bioelectric currents will stop the pain signals before they reach your brain. This therapy also helps prompt your body to produce endorphins. You know, the high you feel after your workout. This also helps relieve pain.

Bioelectric Therapy Also Helps:

  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Back pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Blood flow disorders in upper and lower limbs
  • Arthritis
  • TMJ
  • Diabetic neuropathy

Wrapping It Up

People have been noted saying that you will be sore the next day and regulars claim that the added jolt actually helps build some muscle definition.

Classes are $50 a session and typically you only attend twice per week.

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