Ricky Williams Opens Pot Smoking Gym - Power Plant Fitness

Ricky Williams Opens Pot Smoking Gym - Power Plant Fitness

Former NFL star Ricky Williams (Saints, Dolphins, and Ravens) has teamed up with Jim McAlpine, 420 Games president and founder, to open the world's first pot-friendly gym: Power Plant Fitness.

Power Plant Fitness will allow members to smoke pot while hitting the iron and the treadmill. Members will also have access to optical gels and pot edibles for those who want the buzz without inhaling while training.

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Opening later this year, Power Plant Fitness will require members to carry a valid medical marijuana prescription. Jim McAlpine states,

"I personally use it for focus. It's not about getting high. It's about keeping my mind engaged in the activity I'm in."

Carla Lowe, a critic of legalized marijuana and founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, responded:

"There's zero evidence that marijuana helps you focus. There is evidence that it makes you dopey."

4 Ways a Pot-Friendly Gym Can Help You Get a Better Workout

BongSo for you muscle-obsessed freaks out there, here are 4 (tongue-in-cheek or bong-in-hand) ways pot can help you build muscle. Some contain a grain (or bud) or truth, and some are complete BS. Either way, light one up and enjoy.

#1 - Pot Makes Cardio More Enjoyable

Steady state cardio is flipping boring. Period. End of story.

But imagine this... Before hitting the treadmill and grinding out 30 to 45 minutes of mind-numbing, fat-torching cardio, you can now scorch up a fatty, zone out, and walk off the extra pounds to your favorite Grateful Dead or Bob Marley jam.

Cardio has never been more enjoyable.

#2 - Pot Munchies for Improved Post-Workout Gains

Looking to build muscle and forge an athletic physique? Pot will help.

Think post-workout munchies. You'll be reaching for a high protein pot snack as soon as your workout has ended. In fact, you might just go bat crap crazy and start consuming pot edibles mid-training session. Gains on gains on gains!

No more losing your appetite after a brutal training session. Now you can kill it in the gym, crush bong hits in between sets, and pack on munchies muscle.

#3 - Pot Helps You to Relax in Between Sets

Banging out a hardcore, high volume chest or butt workout? Feeling like death in between sets? Now you can take a hit, and slow your heart rate and maybe even lower your blood pressure.

Pot doesn't help you focus during a workout? Utter nonsense! Does Carla Lower (see above) even lift?

Anyone that kills it in the gym knows just how important recovery is in between sets. While smoking pot might put you into a purple haze (not a Planet Fitness workout), it will also help you to relax in between insane muscle-destroying sets.

This relaxation can only help you focus.

#4 - Pot Will Have You Laughing After a Missed PR

No more crying after a missed personal record attempt! A big bong blast or two prior to your big PR attempt will leave you happy AF no matter what happens.

Remember the good old days when you would fail to hit a PR? You would mope and console yourself with Ben and Jerry's. Those days are long gone.

Now you can burn a blunt, blow a personal best attempt, and not give a single (BLEEP). And still eat Ben and Jerry's.

That's a win win.
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