Mind Over Fatter: 6 Jedi Mind Tricks That Forge Results

Mind Over Fatter: 6 Jedi Mind Tricks That Forge Results

We live in a day and age where it seems everything is based around the idea of convenience and ease. Prior to this modern generation our forefathers invested a lot of time working the fields and cultivating our food. Despite this reliance on whole foods, people still struggled to live to adulthood.

These days we are obsessed with the idea of immediate and constant gratification. Long gone are the times when people were OK with spending months and years trying to reach an end goal.

Technology has made our lives easier. Perhaps too easy. But at least we are living longer, right?

When it comes to reaching fitness goals, whether we are trying to attain a certain type of physique or simply attempting to lose weight, people are searing for the RIGHT program or the PERFECT diet that will maximize results in minimal time. Whether the goal is to lose 30 pounds in a month or to go from average Joe to shredded bro in zero seconds flat, people want results... and they want them yesterday.

I'm here to tell you this want it now mindset can be debilitating, off-putting, and simply laughable. Like most any other goal, whether it be academic, professional, or personal, there are a certain number of key steps that must be taken in order for an individual to achieve success.

When people ask:

How do I get fit?

What type of diet plan should I be on?

...I tell them the first step is to form a clear picture in their mind of what they are attempting to accomplish. Only then can they make it a reality.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone. With that said, there are common denominators that can be found among any successful fitness plan.
He a Hero
When you practice dedication in the gym it will go a long way towards changing the way you approach other obstacles you encounter in your life.

Get in Shape Using These 6 Mind Tricks

Trick #1 - Consistency is the Good That Overcomes Evil

Now I'm not talking about consistently avoiding the gym. Nor I am speaking about consistently eating Ben and Jerry?s for dinner.

That you need to do is establish a respectable track record of consistent behavior.

Simple tasks such as logging your meals or workouts will go a long way in determining whether or not you overcome adversity and reach the end result you set out for. One unhealthy meal will not make you fat, just as eating a salad won't make you fit.

Our bodies are the sum of our consistent habits, whether they are detrimental or positive. Good always outweighs evil.

Trick #2 - Willpower Turns Small Decisions Into Heroic Outcomes

Rope ClimbingThis is another mental hurdle people encounter during their weight loss journey. Lack of willpower is quite possibly the single greatest reason for failure.

Anything that is worth having in life will not come easy, nor should it. The same is true when it comes to our health.

Is it easier to order up a large pizza than it is to cook a chicken breast in a pan? Yes. Does it taste better than chicken breast? Ab-so-NOWAY-lutely. Does it provide the most beneficial and nutritional value to our diets? Nope.

People are so worried about immediate satisfaction that they tend to overlook what is truly important. I'm not saying you should never enjoy what you eat, but practice moderation and save the unhealthier food as treats or for special occasions.

Having the willpower to do what you SHOULD do instead of what you COULD do will make all the difference in the end.

Trick #3 - Dedication Destroys Obstacles, No Matter the Cost

This means accomplishing the goals in front of you regardless of the cost.

Today is leg day but you can't go to the gym after work because Suzy has softball practice or Bob has a birthday dinner. EXCUSES are abundant in our society today. We tend to find reasons why we can't do something when we should be finding reasons why we should.

Does this mean you might have to get up at 4am to work out? Quite possibly. Does this mean passing on that second piece of cake for dessert? Damn right it does.

You will find that when you practice dedication in the gym it will go a long way towards changing the way you approach other obstacles you encounter in your life.

Trick #4 - Motivation Keeps Your Guns Blazing Until the End of the Sotry

Day one of any plan and everybody is guns blazing. They are talking about what they are doing, what they want to do, and how they will get there.

Fast forward to day 30, day 90 or day 364. You have a far different story.

People tend to be short-sighted in many aspects of life and this can be their downfall. Always remember what you are trying to accomplish and why you started.

Getting motivated is easy. Remaining motivated is challenging. The real winners in life are the ones that always stay hungry because they are constantly striving for more.
Women Performing Push Ups
Each of us has a unique journey to embark on and we must not compare the success of others to that of our own.

Trick #5 - Evolution Fends Off the Enemies Called Adaptation and Stagnation

Life is constantly changing. What is working one day may not work the next.

In order to achieve greatness, we must leave behind our comfort zone and be willing to try something new.

Maybe your weight loss has stalled. Change a variable in your diet. Perhaps your bench press is in a plateau. Change your programming.

The key to progression in life is to be forever changing and finding new ways of overcoming barriers set before us.

Trick #6 - Admit That Fear of Failure is the REAL Supreme Villain

They say that starting anything in life is half the battle. I fully agree with this.

All too often we become concerned with how others view us. We worry that we will never be strong enough, rich enough, or as attractive as the next guy.

Each man (or woman) has their own journey to embark on and we must not compare the success of others to that of our own. However, history tells us that any successful man has failed many times before they first succeeded.

Learn to overcome the fear within you and channel positivity, rather than letting it cripple you to failure.

You Are the Hero! Let the Credits Role

When it comes to anything in life, the mind is the most important key to our success.

The physical aspect of health and fitness is secondary. Without practicing proper mental habits you will never be able to develop the mental fortitude (Jedi mind strength) necessary to achieve success.

Always remember that the body does what the mind says. So tell the mind yes and you will achieve success.

Note: The rhyming was not intentional. Follow me @ryanrodal on Instagram.
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