8 Reasons Why the Bro Bodybuilding Diet is Best

8 Reasons Why the Bro Bodybuilding Diet is Best

Recently a debate has been raging throughout the bodybuilding community:

What is the best form of eating? The standard classic bro style of dieting, or the newer and trendier If it Fits your Macros (IIFYM)?

Results can be achieved user either method whether you are bulking or cutting. While both variations have their own unique advantages, I prefer the classic bro method of eating for several reasons.

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Examples of bro food:
  • Chicken, ground turkey, lean ground beef
  • White or brown rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Whole grain bread
  • Milk
Examples of non-bro food:
  • Pop-Tarts
  • Ice cream
  • Cookies
  • Chips
  • Most any processed food
Chicken and Broccoli

8 Reasons a Bro Bodybuilding Diet is Better

#1 - You Eat a Greater Volume of Food

Bro dieting is far superior when it comes to sheer volume of food. The amount of food you can consume contrast to non-bro food doesn't even come close.

Take for example a typical bro meal with 6 ounces of chicken breast, 1 whole sweet potato, and 1 serving of asparagus. In total this meal will be low in fat and contain around 300-400 Calories. Not to mention this meal will fill you up in a hurry.

Compare this to a package of Pop-Tarts. A single pack of Pop-Tarts will contain 400 Calories and will not fill you up nearly as much.

#2 - A Bro Diet is Better for Cutting

As you are cutting weight to achieve that absolutely shredded look, it becomes increasingly difficult to incorporate certain foods into your overall diet. When preparing for a show on sub 2000 calories per day you will be hard pressed to fit a 300 calorie donut into your diet.

Bro diets frequently contain high amounts of vegetables which are packed with nutrients yet low in calories. Sticking to these whole bro-foods throughout your diet will go a long way towards reaching your goals.

#3 - Bro Food is More Filling

Whole nutritious foods are extremely filling allowing your body to feel much more satiated compared to processed foods. An entire bag of spinach may have only 30 calories but will increasingly add substantial volume to your meal.

Mentally and physically your body will feel and perform better. Try saying the same thing about cookies and chips.

#4 - A Bro Bodybuilding Diet is Micronutrient Dense

Sweet PotatoPeople in the fitness industry fail to touch on this subject and it's rarely spoken about. The IIFYM style of dieting may allow for similar physique results compared to bro dieting. However, processed foods contain little to no micronutrients.

A sweet potato is naturally high in vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, and riboflavin. Sure a serving of cereal and a sweet potato may be similar from a macronutrient perspective, but there is no way they contain the same macronutrients.

#5 - Ease of Preparation

Bro foods can be cooked and prepared for an entire week in one single cooking session. The simplistic nature of bro meals makes it easy to stay on track as you know exactly what you are consuming.

#6 - Bro Food Has a Better Taste

Bro foods taste substantially better compared to the vast amount of over processed food available in the grocery store. You feel more satisfied after eating ground turkey and sweet potatoes than you do eating chips and cookies.

Over time your taste buds will crave the natural sweetness of a sweet potato or savor the goodness of a grilled chicken breast. No longer will you be craving Oreos and Bon Bons after they are removed from your diet.

#7 - Health Benefits

Processed food will leave you with high blood pressure, heart disease, and heart attacks. Bro foods on the other hand help prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Making sure your diet is 90% whole foods is a sure step in the right direction towards good health.

#8 - Nearly Impossible to Overeat

While it is quite simple to overindulge on too many chocolate chip cookies, it's nearly impossible to overeat chicken breasts and broccoli. Healthier food is voluminous making it difficult to eat in a caloric surplus.

Is the Bro Bodybuilding Diet Right for You?

While bro dieting is the most advantageous style of dieting for overall health and fitness, this doesn't mean your diet has to be perfect. Having a scoop of ice cream or a piece of pie occasionally is mentally beneficial allowing you to maintain sanity and avoid an overly mundane diet. IIFYM can achieve results similar to bro dieting but may lack in several key nutrients in your overall diet.

I?ll take a chicken breast, Brussel sprouts, and a sweet potato over a pop-tart any day?well almost any day.

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