Bench Press Failure Tied to Erectile Dysfunction

Bench Press Failure Tied to Erectile Dysfunction

Can't get your bench press reps up? Odds are you're struggling in bed as well.

A new study has emerged typing failed bench press reps, and even worse forced bench press reps, to erectile dysfunction. Dr. Wang Long Jones from the University of Fluvidus, in the Republic of Levitrastan, recently found some shocking results when analyzing testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis in men that bench press to failure.

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69 men were studied (ages ranging from 18 to 49). The point of this research was to analyze the impact of the barbell bench press upon testosterone levels, erectile quality, and overall libido.

The assumption heading into this 12-week analysis was that the bench press would assist with male potency, hardness, and overall sexual health. But what Dr. Long Jones found was quite shocking and unexpected. Men who trained the bench press to failure had a much harder time getting it up - and keeping it up.

Participants were lumped into one of two groups:
  • Group A - Lifters trained the bench press twice a week, but were told to stop each set one rep shy of failure.
  • Group B - Lifters trained the bench press twice a week but were required to train each set to failure.
Here's the interesting part. Of the Group A lifters, who did NOT train to failure, only 23.7% experienced a reduction in testosterone levels. Group A lifters also reported far fewer cases of erectile dysfunction. Comparing this, 93.9% of Group B lifters, who DID train to failure, experienced lower testosterone levels.

A whopping, huge, and swollen 96.9% of the Group B pool also experienced a decrease in erectile quality and sexual performance.

While researchers expected to find some minor differences between these two groups, the results were quite shocking to Dr. Wang Long:

"We entered into this study expecting to find some interesting, yet not particularly impressive difference between the two groups. The overall goal of this research was to analyze the impact of bench press training on testosterone levels. It was the hypothesis that both groups would experience an increase; be more manly, if you will. The information that we found will likely change bodybuilding and strength training forever. More research is needed!"

The take-home point is simple: training the bench press to failure will lead to failure in the bedroom. The taxing nature of this style of training appears to fatigue the adrenal system, central nervous system, penury system, respiratory system, digestive system, and the endocrine system.

A complete shut down, resulting in a shut down below the waist.

Dr. Long Jones and his fellow researchers also found that ejaculation and quality were substantially down as well. Those benching to failure experienced a 72% decrease in ejaculatory volume and a 57% drop in sperm count.

"It appears that nature has a way of preventing gym stupidity," Dr. Wang Long went on to say. "Evolution's ultimate slap in the face to the gym lifters who are using forced reps and chest-bouncing bro reps. God. Crom. The Divine Spirit of the Universe. Whatever you believe in, it is preventing these men from procreating and passing on poor genetics and decision making to their children."

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