8 Ways to Improve Your Health in the Workplace

8 Ways to Improve Your Health in the Workplace

In modern society, we currently face a looming epidemic of health concerns and crises. Some of the major factors impacting public health include poor diet, lack of mobility, and reliance upon modern conveniences.

The modern corporate world revolves around the three and half walls we call a cubicle. This stagnate lifestyle can lead to health issues. However, there are various steps we can take to mitigate some of the risks associated with this sedentary lifestyle.

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Employees should make a concerted effort to get away from their desks at least 2-3 times per day. Not only does standing and moving improve cardiovascular health, but it also helps to improve workplace productivity. Too often staying idle at one's workspace can lead to daydreaming and a decrease in job efficiency.

Furthermore, additional health problems are associated with lack of workplace mobility. These include lower back issues, high blood pressure, and weight gain. You should also make an effort to perform stretches at various points during the workday.

8 Ways to Improve Your Health at Work

A few other key changes can be made to improve a healthy lifestyle, including the following.

#1 - Bring a Lunch

Bringing your lunch to the workplace is not only more cost effective, but is also generally a healthier choice. That is if it is centered around lean protein sources and fibrous vegetables.

#2 - Drink More Water

Keep a larger container of water near or a few bottles at your desk. This will remind you to stay hydrated and drink water on a consistent basis.

#3 - Eat Outdoors

Staring at a computer screen for prolonged hours causes excessive strain on the eyes. It also increases stress, especially when you don't allow yourself to take a break from the computer screen.
Computer Glare
Staring at a computer screen for prolonged hours causes excessive strain on the eyes. It also increases stress.

#4 - Take Deep Breaths

Whether you go outside or simply close your eyes for a few seconds and take some deep breaths, this momentary mental vacation will decrease stress levels and allow you to take a brief sigh of relief.

#5 - Communicate With Coworkers

All too often we find ourselves trapped in our own solitary world. It's not uncommon to have little to no communication with the individuals around us.

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By speaking with fellow employees we can take our minds off work for a second and get to know our coworkers on a more personal level. Human interaction is uplifting and good for the soul.

#6 - Go to the Gym Directly After Work

By heading to the gym directly after work, we avoid any excuses that might develop from heading home first. You know how it goes. You head home and suddenly feel too tired. Or a little post-work snack turns into a meal, and you are too full to train.

Make going to the gym a part of your daily routine, not a chore that you have to complete. Getting in a workout should be something you look forward to, and not an obligation you are forced to do. Enjoy the journey.

#7 - Don't Bring Work Home

Even if this means staying at work a bit longer than normal, bringing work home can result in increased stress, family problems, and an overall strain on the life/workplace balance.

Do a favor to yourself, family, and friends by leaving your work at work. Head home and concentrate on actually living your life instead of remaining chained to your job.

#8 - Write Goals for the Day

When you begin each workday, write out your goals no matter how big or how small they are.

By mentally preparing this list, you create a visual key that assists you with the completion of these tasks. This also allows you to minimize other tasks that only waste time.

Final Thoughts on Workplace Health

Maintaining health should not be viewed as a nuisance. Take more of a holistic approach, where all facets of our lives work together to create a cohesive lifestyle that is enriched by implementing healthy choices into our daily routines.

Since the workplace makes up such a large portion of our daily lives, it is of vast importance that we incorporate our healthy mindsets and lifestyles into this environment. Change does not come easy, but small changes made over time can help lead to big results.

By performing the changes we discussed above, you will achieve better workplace results. Get up from your desk, re-energize and rejuvenate both your body and your mind. This will lead to drastic improvement in the workplace, help to alleviate stress and make your life better as a whole.

The truth of the matter is that standing up more and sitting less can help you live longer, more productive lives. So get up and move!
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