7 TikTok Fitness Trends That Actually Work

7 TikTok Fitness Trends That Actually Work

Many people visit TikTok to watch videos that will make them laugh or to see a new perspective on a topic. Another good use of TikTok is learning about different trends, including those that involve fitness. Believe it or not, some of these fitness trends can actually benefit your health.

7 TikTok Fitness Trends That Actually Work

When you come across many people doing a specific workout on TikTok, you may wonder if it is actually something that will improve your fitness or if it's just another fad that won't show results. Try out some of these popular fitness trends and get yourself in shape while watching TikTok.

1. 12-3-30 Treadmill Workout

The 12-3-30 treadmill workout which actress Lauren Giraldo made famous, involves setting your treadmill to an incline of 12% and speed of 3 MPH and walking for 30 minutes. This viral TikTok workout may not sound hard, but walking at this incline gets tough after a few minutes — though it is great for toning the calves and glutes. Another benefit of this workout is that it puts your body in a low-intensity steady state which is great for burning fat. It is also low impact, which is excellent for those with joint issues.

2. 25-7-2 Stairmaster Workout

Another workout named after the details of the workout, the 25-7-2 workout takes place on the Stairmaster instead of the treadmill. To do this trendy workout that will burn your legs, hop on the Stairmaster and set it to level 7 for 25 minutes. You only need to do this workout twice a week. Make sure to watch your posture when doing your steps, it is easy to slouch and lose the form you need to do this correctly. You can make it more challenging by skipping steps or doing side steps.

3. Annabel Lucinda's Ab Workout

TikTok user Annabel Lucinda came up with this ab workout which will strengthen your core. To conquer this exhausting ab workout, you need to do seven different exercises once a week. They include:

  • 100x bicycles
  • 75x scissors
  • 75x leg raises
  • Plank until failure
  • 3x10 weighted hanging crunches
  • 3x10 hanging crunches
  • 3x static hold on decline bench until failure 

As with all ab workouts, you can do them all you want and not see visual results without changing your diet. Men need to have a body fat lower than 12%, while women need to be below 18% to see the 6-pack you've been working towards. Even if you don't care about seeing your abs, their strength and endurance will definitely improve from this workout.

4. Plank Challenge

This simple challenge doesn't require any equipment to participate in, besides a spot on the floor where you can stretch out. All you need to do to plank is get on your forearms and toes and keep your stomach off of the ground by keeping your back straight. Once you can do a plank for a few minutes, you are ready to join in this challenge. 

TikTok users are doing their planks to music all while doing different moves like shoulder taps, raises, and even some dance moves. Planking works your body from head to toe, as long as you have the proper form, but you'll primarily feel it in your abs. Give this challenge a try and have fun with it all while seeing results. 

5. Weight Hula Hoop Challenge

In order to try out this latest TikTok viral challenge, you need to purchase a weighted hula hoop. You probably haven't touched a hula hoop since you were a kid, but it is definitely tough to get going without some practice and steady rhythm. Normally, using a hula hoop mostly works your core and obliques, but once you add in the extra weight of this style of hula hoop, you can start to see some additional muscle gains. If you do this challenge a few times a week, in addition to toned abs and obliques, you'll see improved balance and coordination,  better posture, and some minor cardio gains. 

6. Couples Yoga

Couples yoga was another one of the more recent fitness trends on TikTok. This trend had people and their partners doing yoga together, often trying some tough poses. Yoga is a perfect workout for both the mind and body, so why not experience this mindfulness with your partner? You don't have to jump right into tough poses until you are ready but just work on the meditation and stretching aspects to start. 

There are many styles of yoga you can try once you are ready, like hot yoga, aerial yoga, and practices that focus specifically on breathing. The more you do yoga the more you'll see your balance and flexibility increase. Just take it slow at first, and don't try to force full extensions on poses like downward dog, crane, or bow, or you could hurt yourself.

7. Ab Dance

Another TikTok trend that is both fun to do and will give you results is the ab dance. To do this dance, all you need to do is stand up and tilt your pelvis back and forth while crunching your abs and swinging your arms at a fast pace. It is important to do this in a controlled mention and not just flail, or you have the potential to injure yourself. Try and do it for at least 20 minutes a day, and you'll see both weight loss and a toned core. Try and make a playlist of your favorite songs to keep you engaged for the full workout time. 

Try These Fitness Trends from TikTok and See Benefits

When you need a new idea for a workout routine, it can't hurt to check out what is currently popular on TikTok. The key is knowing what popular workouts will help you instead of being a complete waste of time. Once you do find a workout that fits your needs, TigerFitness.com can help you with the rest of your workout needs. We can provide you with the supplements, workout gear, and any additional training plans to make your TikTok training a success.

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