6 Tips to Optimize Your Immune Function

6 Tips to Optimize Your Immune Function

The viral outbreak and onslaught of sickness has everyone on notice. 

While we will never be able to 100% ward-off sickness or ailment, measures can be taken to ensure optimal immune function so you can keep going strong. 

1.) Drink More Water

Your immune system is depleted when you are in a dehydrated state. Internal toxins thrive in this environment where electrolytes are next to none. The quicker you can increase your fluid intake, the faster your body will be able to fight & flush out the toxins and waste byproducts attributed to compromised immune function.

Look to add in extra electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium) into your fluids. The minerals will greatly aid in cardiovascular and muscle function. MTS Naturalyte is a perfect product for such an occasion. 

2.) Drink Less Alcohol

Cold beer always makes for a good time, but excessive High Life throws your liver and kidneys into overdrive to rid the body of the alcohol (a toxin within your body). This depletes your immune resources and leaves you more viable to infection and toxins. 

3.) Sleep More

Deep, sounds sleep initiates a series of reactions within your body to properly recover. Hormones are secreted to repair muscle tissues, vitamins & minerals are catalyzed to optimized immunity and cognitive function is restored.

4.) Wash Your Hands More

It is trite but 100% true.

5.) Watch Touching Your Face

After we touch contaminated items then directly bring our hands to the face (in any capacity), the toxin is directly shuttled into our body. The normal items we associate with germs like toilets and door handles may not even be the worst to worry about. Our phones, keys, and TV remotes are exposed to host of potential toxins and these are the items we frequent the most.

Even if you religiously wash your hands, germs can still accumulate between visits to the sink. Touching your face transmits germs and bacteria into your body.

6.) Improve Your Gut Bacteria

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed a prominent proportion of your immune system is actually in your gastrointestinal tract. So this suggests that better gut bacteria means a better immune system.

The gut cell lining is responsible for producing the antibodies that fight off bacteria and viruses.

Here Are a Few Things You Can Do to Improve Your Gut Bacteria:

  • Reduce your stress levels (lowering cortisol)

  • Increase overall activity and physical movement

  • Eat probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and sauerkraut

  • Eat more nutrient-dense foods from an assortment of fruits & veggies.

  • Research in a probiotic supplement optimal for you

Wrapping It Up

While we can't fight off every germ and plague going around, healthy habits build on each other.

Optimize your immune function by improving the amount and quality of your sleep, stay hydrated, keep excess stress at bay, and be physically active.

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