5 Valentine’s Ideas for the Active Couple

5 Valentine’s Ideas for the Active Couple

Typically, people spend their Valentine’s Day stressed out about finding the perfect token of love. They obsess in greeting card stores. They feel pressured to make every moment meaningful.

They dress up and go out to expensive, romantic dinners and get stuffed full of rich foods and chocolate fondue. It ends up feeling more like a chore or a performance, than a true expression of love.

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Most active couples would rather do something more interesting and fun together, something a little different than your standard dinner and chocolates.

There is a popular love columnist who said, in regards to dates around big fancy dinners, “fitness first, then go out to eat.” No one wants to be over-full and sleepy when it is time to be romantic.

Well, “fitness” wasn’t the word he used, but for our purposes, it works!

Five Active Adventures for Couples

Here are five active adventures that you and your date can do before dinner or in lieu of it:

#1 - Go on a Hike

Pick a trail in your area and get outdoors!

Yes, even in February. If it is cold and snowy, rent some snowshoes and go on a trek in your local wilderness. This activity is great for couples. You get the benefits of fresh air, which clears your minds, and the endorphins that put you both in a good mood.

You can explore off the beaten path, for a little-added thrill. And it’s a great relationship booster if you can both navigate a trail as a team and enjoy yourselves. You’ll feel a lot better about eating a large dinner later on – or you can pack a healthy picnic to share.

#2 - Sign Up for a Race or Event

Another thing you can do is sign up for a Valentine’s Day fun run or 5k. Look in your paper or to runners’ groups in your area to see if there are any races going on.

A 5k is a pretty easy distance for any level, and you can go at your own pace, whether that means crushing a sub-20-minute time, or walking the whole thing in an hour.

If running isn’t your bag, check to see if there are any lifting meets for charity in your town. Occasionally, gyms may host a single lift event on themed holidays with proceeds going to those in need. It’s a great way to test yourself, but keep it fun and low-stress. Besides, who doesn’t feel good raising money for charity?

#3 - Valentine’s Day Relay Workout

If there is nothing going on around you, create a fun workout at your local gym!
You can slay a couple’s workout together – or spice things up with a relay. Set a rower or a ski erg to 3,000 meters and take turns ripping out 500 meters until you hit the goal. Time your performance, take a five-minute rest and hit a different machine – try to beat your time!

Or, you can set up a tag-team workout. One person does a resistance movement, while another hits a specific distance or calorie goal on a piece of cardio equipment, switch. Go 5 rounds.

If you are both competitive, set up a timed workout and race each other! But don’t forget, this is supposed to be fun. We don’t want any tears or hurt feelings over the chocolate fondue, later.

#4 - Walk the City

If you aren’t into hitting the gym hard, you can stay active in a less exhausting and competitive way – walk around on your date night. Pick a few things around the city you may have wanted to do, say an art museum or a new shop or restaurant.

Then, walk to each place – simple as that! You will enjoy plenty of time between eating and shopping to talk and move about in the fresh air. Take in the bustle and life of your city and learn the way around.

Don’t let chilly winter weather deter you, either. Stop and grab a coffee. Within a few blocks, you will feel warmed up. You might even break a light sweat underneath your parka!

#5 - Try Something Completely New Together

Perhaps the weather is so bad, you’d rather stay indoors. Nowadays, there are so many interesting activities and classes to try. Pick something neither of you has ever done, and give it a whirl!

You can throw axes, take a climbing class, or go to hot yoga.

Get creative and try an acrobatics class or work up a sexy sweat at your local boxing gym. This is a great way to make you both feel like you conquered something together. As an added bonus, your first class at many of these places is usually free! That means more money for dinner, if you’re counting.

Now Go Spend Time Together

The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is by doing something that brings you both closer together. While many people rely on gestures like a dozen roses or a bottle of perfume, sharing an activity will solidify your bond on a deeper level.

Hanging out with each other and being a team strengthens your relationship and that has lasting effects, long after one night of Hallmark-sanctioned love.

And if that isn’t enough of a reason to get active this Valentine’s Day, consider this: being active not only makes you feel connected as a couple, but it also boosts endorphins and feel-good hormones.

Those hormones are responsible for feelings of being “in love” as well as putting you in the mood for romance later on – with or without the chocolate fondue.

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