Gone in 60 Seconds? 5 Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Gone in 60 Seconds? 5 Tips to Last Longer in Bed

It isn't so easy being a man, is it?

We workout to look Alpha. Big, strong and powerful. We keep our look, we posture. In most cases, we are the ones that have to build up the courage to talk to the hot girl at the club, gym or anywhere else that courting might occur. Then we usually pay for the first date or two with two things in mind:
  1. Is this girl "The ONE" that I will spend the rest of my life with?
  2. I really want to have sex with this girl.
Vaginal EnthusiastThe latter is what this article will focus on. let's assume you do it all.
  • You get the look to attract females
  • You ask one out
  • She says yes
  • You take her out
  • She likes/loves you
The final step is to tap that a$$. This might sound crude, but let's be real?I am a man, I have a penis, and my penis likes vagina. And other orifices as well. So let's pull all of this politically correct BULL out of this article and be real.

You want to give it to her and give it to her good. And you don't want this to be the sex equivalent of a HIIT cardio: hit it and quit it in under 60 seconds. You want her to rave to her friends about how you brought down the house. How you went ?hard in the paint?, how you made her orgasm like a broken fire hydrant on a hot New York afternoon in July.

You want her to scream your name and leave claw marks in your back. You want to be covered in sweat and hit that from front, back and side to side....

Okay, I am getting excited, I will stop now.

You need to last a decent amount of time to make that reaction a reality. The average amount of time for intercourse, including foreplay, is three to seven minutes. This is according to a survey in a June, 2009, issue of Esquire Magazine. I am not about being average, screw that. We want to bring her to the Promised Land.

I've been on this planet for 34 years. During that time I've become one of the  foremost ?Vaginal Enthusiasts? in the world. Here are 5 tips, just the tips, to help you last longer in bed and be the best damn lover your spouse/partner/friend with perks/booty call/main chick/side chick/hooker/babysitter? (okay I?ll stop) has ever had.

Tip #1 - Slow The Stroke

The stroke is key. Regardless of anything, the stroke is where the sensation is felt. I am going to assume you?re wearing a condom, which will add time by decreasing sensation. But whether you are going ?raw-dog? or wearing a helmet, this is one thing most men can do. Some men - just being real - cannot really shorten the stroke due to penis size, but we will assume most of you have adequate length to make this happen.

A majority of the nerve endings in the vagina are located in the front part of the vagina, with the G-Spot being located on the top side of the vaginal wall (it is best to hit that during foreplay with your fingers, and we will discuss that later). Thus, if you control the stroke and even have a tempo where you go partly in, literally just the tip or a little bit more, and then every 10-12 strokes slowly go all the way inside, this can stimulate the entire vagina.

Going slow (this is missionary position of course, but can be replicated in other positions) allows you to use your free hand for the clitoris. By doing this she'll get pleasure from all angles. Most women cannot orgasm intra-vaginally and require clitoral stimulation. This is a sure-fire way to rock her world.

As for how to make this happen in other positions, I think I might need a part 2 of this article! The only time this is an issue is if she is on top, but by grabbing the hips you can control tempo and depth as well!

Get your stroke on!

[imagemap id="11457"]
Ain't nobody got time for LIMP workouts and a LIMP sex life. Bring your A-game in and out of bed with MTS Nutrition.

Tip #2 - Mind Games - Focus on HER

Being nervous can lead to either prematurely dropping your baby batter or even worse, having performance anxiety and not being able to perform. My suggestion is simple?
  • Relax
  • Take deep breaths
  • FOCUS on HER!
By focusing on her pleasure and paying attention to her reactions, and playing with other bodyparts such as the breasts, butt, hair, neck...you get it, you can mentally avoid stress. Be smooth with that crap!

Tip #3 - Switch Positions

By doing this, you give yourself a break in the midst of the action to ?regain composure.? This will also allow you to stimulate in a different way, which might prolong time to orgasm.

I am not saying every 2 minutes, but when you feel it coming on, and she isn't about to orgasm herself (in this case DO NOT EVER STOP UNTIL SHE FINISHES!) suggest a new position.

Tip #4 - FOREPLAY!

If the girl is multi-orgasmic, or even mono-orgasmic, making her orgasm pre-intercourse is a GREAT move. If mono-orgasmic, the sex is now all about you OR she might want to give you your turn (if you know what I mean). If multi-orgasmic, giving her 2-3 orgasms and then even lasting a shorter amount of time but just enough for a couple more?.you can go to sleep knowing she is satisfied. This one isn't about lasting longer but more about finishing the job.

As for technique, we wont delve into that too much. Just remember when performing oral sex on your partner, you still have a hand. The G-Spot is located at the upper side of the vagina. By inserting a finger or two and moving them forward (palms facing upwards) while performing oral sex, you will be hitting the clitoris and the G-Spot, a good move all around. Thank me later.

Tip #5 - Build a Strong CORE!

This is the key. Strong core, breathing, more muscle control. I recommend
  • Goblet Squats
  • One Arm Single Leg Row
  • Wall Deadlifts
  • Kegel
  • Cardio!
If you can control the muscles in your midsection, you will last longer, period. In the videos below I demonstrate these! And cardio health is key since it is all BLOODFLOW down there!

Ab Training for Rehab and Overall Abdominal Development and Control

The Most Effective Ab Workout You've Never Tried

5 Moves for Nasty Hamstrings and a Healthy Core

These are SOME of The Machine?s secrets. You are now a Junior Vaginal Enthusiast. Put these to good use and post on our message board how the night went!
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