Weight Lifting for Women: 6 Tips to Get Started

Weight Lifting for Women: 6 Tips to Get Started

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Your friend lifts weights and she looks hot. You decide it's your turn to look hot. You head off to the gym to lift some stuff...

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When you get there you find that the weight room is full of dudes. They are grunting, chest bumping, and throwing weights to the ground. It's like some sort of weird male bonding ritual in there.

You run as fast as you can to the treadmill because at least you know what to do on that. You don’t feel so intimidated. Another cardio sesh in the books...

I have done this time and time again.

I had absolutely no idea how to even start lifting, what I was doing, and let's forget about the gymtimidation factor.

If you are in that same boat, here are a few tips for you to help you get over your fears and tackle the weight room.

Weight Lifting for Women

Tip #1. Bring a Buddy

One person that doesn’t know what they are doing is easy prey in the weight room jungle.

Running in a pack is safer. Plus its funner, and being so scared, it helps to alleviate tension.

Tip #2. Fake It Till You Make It

Research what you are going to do. Hit the gym with confidence and do it.

Put your head down, get those exercises done and get out of there. Slowly and with confidence.

Each time you do this, it will get easier.

Tip #3. Get a Hat

Sometimes, when others are used to seeing you in the weight room sans a hat you will get approached by a stage five clinger or worse... A talker that doesn’t stop.


A hat discourages this behavior and makes you appear more industrious and confident.

Tip #4. Dont Wear Dumb Crap

Yes, I am stating the obvious. Why would you work out in a sports bra, booty shorts and high socks when it is 30 degrees outside?

I am not saying you have to wear a burka to the gym, but when you wear dumb crap and get mad that you are hit on, it makes our species look bad.

Tip #5. Take Advice With a Grain of Salt

If someone approaches you and tells you that you aren’t doing an exercise right, thank them and listen to them. Then, go home and research the heck out of it.

If they are right, then you know that likely, they may know what they are talking about.

Tip #6. Research Up the Wazoo

We have so much information at our fingertips why aren’t we using it? Yes, I know it gets overwhelming, but going to sites that are reputable (duh, Tiger Fitness) will help you navigate the abundance of information that is out there and narrow your focus.

Ask questions from people you want to look like or lift like. What do they do? How do they do that exercise?

Don’t be that girl that has no focus, looks lost in the weight room and has done absolutely no research into what she wants. In short, I want you to be a lady boss. OWN the gym.

That is YOUR weight room, too.

You deserve to be there as much as anyone. Act like it. Being scared is OK, but being so scared that it stops you from reaching your goals is just plain silly. You deserve more.

So get out there and go pump some iron!

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