What is the Best Pre Workout For Women?

What is the Best Pre Workout For Women?

We get constant emails about pre workouts for women. What should they take? Should it be different than what their boyfriend takes? Can women take creatine? Do women even need a pre workout?

The answer is that there is little difference between what a man and a woman should take.

In this article, we will address what is best for a woman to take as well as how to adjust normal pre workouts to account for the differences between men and women? And the potential dosing issues involved. We will also make recommendations for what women should take and how much to take.

MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobiner discusses pre workouts for women, and helps you to find a product that fits your needs.

Finding the Best Pre Workout for Women

Account For the Weight of a Woman

Women tend to weigh less than males, or cannot tolerate as many stimulants. Women also might not need as much of certain ingredients either. Thus, the solution is simple - take less!

If the recommendation is two scoops, take one scoop. If the creatine levels are at 5 grams per serving, halve the dose to get 2.5 grams since that is PLENTY for a woman.

2.5 grams of creatine taken four times a week pre workout will keep a woman?s creatine stores plenty saturated.

Stomach Discomfort

This is mainly caused by stimulants and an overload of caffeine in today's pre workouts. This is all taken care of by halving the dose a lot of the time, but a lot of pre workouts have a TON of caffeine as their stimulant source, since, well, caffeine works!

How do you get caffeine without this issue - Simple, Infinergy. Infinergy is an ionic bond of caffeine and malic acid to increase energy and mental focus. Due to its sustained release, Infinergy may also be easier on sensitive stomachs and is an excellent way to increase mental focus while supplying a surge of energy even more so than normal caffeine.

MTS Nutrition Ruckus uses this as its exclusive form of caffeine.

It's time to BRING DA RUCKUS! Click here to order MTS Nutrition Ruckus now.


Creatine is simply amino acids and is found in large amounts in foods such as beef. Creatine has been exhaustively scientifically validated and among other things.
  • Supplies energy to all human body cells which can improve power output and anaerobic exercise performance.
  • Promotes lean mass and strength gains.
  • Helps to mitigate perceived fatigue during activities requiring muscular endurance.
  • Increases the body's water content, which minimizes instances of performance-related issues due to dehydration.

But, women just don't like creatine due to its perceived issues like water retention and the GAIN it causes on the scale. Instead of creatine, we can also use elevATP.

ElevATP increases ATP without the use of creatine. All of the ATP, none of the side-effects that some experience. This is found instead of creatine in MTS Nutrition Ruckus.

Growing a Beard

Most of the pre workouts on the market, or at least those sold at TigerFitness.com, do not have any male hormones. However, some women may think this is an issue with pre workouts. It isn't.


Carb 10

Click here to order Carb 10.

Women need substrate (calories) too! This is why if you do not have a meal within 2-3 hours pre workout, some carbs will be beneficial for a grueling session.

Thus, if you need some fuel, drop a scoop (25g) of Carb 10 into your pre workout shake. Carb 10 gives you all of the benefits of an easily digested carb with LITTLE insulin spike for sustained energy and NO CRASH!

The Pre Workout Stack for Women

There you go! This is what a woman should look for pre workout. And my specific recommendation - We want something to drive energy, increase blood flow and we want some carbs. The pre workout stack I recommend is:
  • MTS Nutrition Ruckus: Start with one scoop and work up to two scoops as tolerance is assessed.
  • MTS Nutrition Carb 10: One Scoop mixed with Ruckus
Gains know no gender. Get this stack now, follow these guidelines, and be ready for the workouts of your life! Because making them feminine gains "That's not a game!"
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