Nikki Blackketter - Biography and Fun Facts

Nikki Blackketter - Biography and Fun Facts

Nikki Blackketter is a model and fitness guru. The workout and modeling advice that she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel has gained her a massive following.

Born February 23, 1992, this fitness model is a social media rock star with 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 730,000+ subscribers on Youtube.
Her posts consist of workouts, sexy selfies, modeling tips, Q&As, tag videos, pranks, and other entertaining content.

Nikki is a strong independent woman with multiple streams of income. She prioritizes her health and diet while showing off her near perfect hourglass figure. She loves to spend time with her family, pets, friends, and boyfriend.

Nikki Blackketter Quick Facts

This gorgeous model is based out of Los Angeles, California and she loves to tell her story.

  • Birth Name - Michelle Blackketter
  • Birthday - February 23, 1992
  • Sign - Pisces
  • Born In - Texas
  • Relationship Status - Dating
  • Boyfriend - Christian Guzman
  • Eye Color - Dark Brown
  • Hair Color - Blonde
  • Bra Size - 32D
  • Height - 5 ft 2 inches
  • Weight - 112 pounds
  • Body Measurements - 36-23-36 inches
  • Dress Size - 6
  • Net Worth - $750,000+
  • Instagram Followers - 1.9 million
  • YouTube Subscribers - 730k

Nikki Blackketter Bio

Born in Houston, Texas, Nikki grew up with her parents and other siblings. While family details have not been shared by the model, there are a few things we do know.

A little birdie told me that Nikki wasn't as active when she was growing up — in fact, she had little interest in sports. As Nikki entered high school, the model started developing some unhealthy eating habits. This affected her metabolism.
Junk food and sweets were her go to.

While her weight didn't suffer much due to her fast metabolism, she developed the habit of drinking alcohol which eventually turned into a daily act. During her senior year in high school, she noticed her body was starting to go from good to bad to worse — often going to school having a hangover.

Once the young model started understanding how significant of an impact eating healthy and exercising had on her body, she developed a passion for it. She started as a wellness mentor and eventually turned it into her career.

Her hard work and dedication for enabling individuals to have a better way of life really paid off — Cellucor appointed her as a brand representative. Nikki also promotes Gymshark, a wellness garment clothing brand. Along with her social media, she started a fitness website where she provides her secret to a great body and healthy life.

Who's Her Boyfriend?

There's not much information out there on Nikki's dating history, but many sources point to Christian Guzman as her boyfriend.

Initially, together back in February of 2016 after dating two years, they broke up. This breakup caused Nikki to quit the organization they had created — Alphalete Athletics.

Before they broke up, they had a nice compound located near Houston. It was quite sensational for their fans when the couple announced their separation.

A mere 5 months later, the couple got back together in August 2016, and nothing could have made their fans happier.

Will they tie the knot any time soon?

Nikki's Personal Life

So what does an extremely popular fitness model do in her personal life?

Play video games and read sci-fi novels, of course. I wonder if she plays Rocket League?

Traveling, having fun, and relaxing with her pets are always on her agenda.

Nikki Blackketter Net Worth

Nikki has done well financially with her multiple streams of income.

The glaringly obvious amount of support she receives for being a fitness model from companies have helped push her net worth higher and higher.

Blackketter's workout guides and beginner guides to get fit sell like hotcakes, Gymshark's affiliate program pays, and any other products or companies that she works with all help her earn a comfortable living.

There are a lot of estimations on Nikki's net worth and income, but those are speculations.

It is estimated that Nikki earns around $4000 a week, so $16,000 monthly. I have a feeling that could be much more.

As of 2017, sources estimate Nikki's net worth to be at least $750,000 and climbing.

Wrapping It Up

Something that I like to do when I see someone who's "made it" is to try to reverse engineer their thinking and what drives them to achieve what they do.

Nikki started life with no interest in fitness. In fact, she was doing the opposite of fitness — eating too much junk food and drinking.

Once Nikki started exercising, she fell in love with the weights, the progress, and especially helping others.

While Nikki seems to like to "flaunt what she's got" on social media, it is a way for her to gain attention from those who want to look like her. She produces a lot of content and has an engaged community that she cares a lot about.

It just goes to show that you can change your life around and make something incredible happen if you put the time and effort into it.

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