Bra Fat - How to Get Rid of It

Bra Fat - How to Get Rid of It

I was a size 28 and 300 pounds for many years. My bra fat had bra fat if you know what I mean.

It went on for days. When I would lay on my side my “bra fat” would be pinched, and I would actually have to manually straighten it out.

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I had to straighten out my bra fat. This is not a sentence I ever thought I would write until today.

I am writing about bra fat, because most of us are disheartened that we cant wear that pretty tank top or that awesome sundress. We will spill over in our clothes, and let's face it, bra fat is pretty yucky.

I never thought I would be able to do anything about my bra fat. I just thought I was destined to have it after losing over 150 pounds and that it would just be a part my life.

Here are my tips that are pretty universal for any type of extra skin that gives you problems.

Tips for Getting Rid of Bra Fat

Tip #1 - Focus Reduction is Real

Spot reduction is a myth, but focused reduction isn’t. OK, hear me out, I know I am going to get some hate when you read that sentence, but just read on, people...

You can't spot reduce.

You can lose fat, but this does not guarantee you won't still have some flabby babbies by your bra strap. However, focused reduction means that you focus on that area and build some muscle. Like, go hard and heavy but don’t expect your bra fat to miraculously disappear in a week.

This brings me to another topic; a pet peeve of mine...

Tip #2 - Make Gains

I hate when girls say they want to be “toned.” That means you want to make muscle gains, pure and simple.

So, in the case of bra fat and overall looking better in your stretched out skin, you must put on size.

You have to incorporate some heavy back work into your routine. If you have lost a great deal of weight, you have to work upper body hard.

That skin, once the fat is gone from it, has to be pulled in different places. Not only working on back/lats, you also need to concentrate on triceps, biceps, and shoulders as well as chest.

Tip #3. Eat a Side of Beef

No, I have nothing against vegans, don’t freak out. I do, however know that this made all the difference in the world to my muscle gains.

I lost my weight being mostly vegetarian. I loved it, it was awesome, but I had so much hanging skin, it wasn’t funny. Like gross, hanging bra skin, and when I waved my upper arms, they keep the salutation going.

When I got a coach, I got the shock of my life. She wanted me to eat more protein. Like a lot more protein.

I was so resistant it wasn’t even funny.

Not that I didn’t like chicken and fish, I just thought I would gain weight eating all those “fat-laden” proteins because at that time I didn’t eat fat either. Suffice it to say, when I changed my diet, my body changes were dramatic.

4. Time is On Your Side

Stop trying to do stuff in a week. I am super guilty of this, but that type of mindset only sets you up for failure.

Give yourself at least 6-8 weeks to see any difference.

You will likely see it earlier than that, especially if you are new to lifting weights, but make it a point to wait. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “a watch pot never boils”?

This means stop taking daily selfies of your back thinking. You're not going to wake up and see the difference on day five. If you keep it up, and don't see change, you might get frustrated and start looking to take up residence in Antarctica, where they wear parkas all year round.

Tip #5. Drink a Crap Ton of Water

Skin bounces back better with agua. This has always been the bane of my existence as I - hate hate hate - to drink water. It's gross, but it's a must.

So, I choke it down; whine like a 3 year old child about it and complain about having to pee all day. But at the end of the day, my skin benefits from it. It recoils better, its hydrated and doesn’t wrinkle up as much and you overall feel better.

Parting Shots

So, in short, there are no quick fixes. If you have extra skin on your back after losing weight, get to the weight room stat and get to moving some heavy weights.

Change your diet if needed to provide more building blocks to make muscle. Drink a lot of water, and for God's sake, give yourself some grace.

Don’t throw away that cute sundress. Instead save it for when you are going to have a beautiful, defined back!

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