Shocking Video - 28 Day Water Fast for Weight Loss

Shocking Video - 28 Day Water Fast for Weight Loss

Every year a new diet craze catches on with the masses. Some come from big name celebrity endorsements, features on daytime doctor shows, or even flashy headlines in the newspaper.

we've seen all sorts of wacky diets over the years. The Grapefruit Diet. The Cabbage Soup Diet. Even popular eating trends like Paleo and Intermittent Fasting.

The newest fad diet is water fasting.

In this era of YouTube ?stars? you get to see up close what these types of diets can do. A recent example of this was a young man named Jay who has become popular on YouTube and wanted to document his weight loss process.

The results of water fasting - Eating no food for 28 days.
At the outset, Jay measured 6?2? and 247lbs (112kg). He decided it was time for a change.

Jay initially started eating healthy and exercising everyday as a way to lose weight. He lost roughly 50lbs following a ?normal? fat loss diet over the course of two months. However, as with most people, the holidays rolled around and Jay binged over Christmas and put on another 22 lbs (10kg).

Distraught by the rapid weight gain, Jay sought out to try a more dramatic approach to losing weight - consuming nothing but water for 28 days straight. This is also known as a water fast, and has become one of the more popular fad diets to spring up recently.

Jay began his water fast on February 7, 2017, and documented the process for his YouTube channel. He took progress pictures on a weekly basis to show the dramatic changes in weight loss.

By the end of the 28 day fast, he had dropped 52 lbs (~23.6kg). However, during that time, Jay comments on the side effects of fasting including substantial hunger initially, terrible sleep, and a severe lack of energy, especially near the end of his fast.

Reaction to 28 days of no food.
While he did lose a substantial amount of weight, that also came with severe mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Jay also lost muscle mass, which is never an ideal thing.

Furthermore, fad diets like this really don't instill good life-changing habits in people. Sure, you can fast or eat only grapefruits for 28 days and lose a bunch of weight, but once your period of extreme dieting ends, you'll go right back to your original poor diet and exercise habits.

This ultimately leads to regaining the weight lost during the extreme diet and more often than not results in gaining MORE weight back, meaning you end up heavier after your diet ?rebound? than before you started the crazy diet in the first place.

The real key to healthy, sustainable weight loss is through making a lifestyle change. That means eating more whole foods, exercising regularly, and tracking macros if you need help understanding proper portion size.

Fad diets might work in the short term, but they set you up for long term disappointment. Embracing the health and fitness lifestyle improves all aspects of your life and leads to long term results and well being.

What do you think of these fasting fads? Have you tried one or any of the other fad diets to lose weight?

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Snowcat - January 14, 2019

Well! The good news is, that he sustained!

Alexis Smiley - December 17, 2017

He didn’t gain the weight back….. it’s also 6 months later and he changed his eating habits. He gained some water weight but that’s it…. fasting has been implemented by many religions all over the world. It’s not something new.

John Hennessy - October 8, 2017

What a horrible experiment. Slow and steady wins the race. No need to speed things up. You could do something detrimental to yourself!

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