The Ultimate Diet For Muscle and Strength

The Ultimate Diet For Muscle and Strength

Muscle and strength. Not one or the other. Both!

We want the Arnold-like body that the ladies (and men if you?re a lady) admire and lust after but we also want to be able to answer the question of ?How much do you bench? with an impressive answer. The question is, ?Can we have both, or do we have to choose one or the other??

This article will outline a detailed diet plan. It is based on your bodyweight and will tell you what to eat during the day. We will also provide a comprehensive nutrition plan that wil fit around your training and help you to maximize strength while maintaining a lean body and making lean mass GAINZ!

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If lifting heavy weights while looking like a Greek God is your goal, grab Thor?s hammer and get ready to do work!
Muscle and Strength Stack
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Controlling Insulin Throughout the Day and Slowly Increasing Calories

The key to gaining lean mass is to increase macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) and calories to gain approximately .5-1lb per week. We also like to keep bodyfat in check. I recommend never going over 15-20% bodyfat or if you compete, about 20 pounds above your stage weight. This will slowly pack on lean mass and with the workout nutrition we will toss in here, we will be adequately fueled to make unprecedented strength gains and also to ensure that you are primed to pack on sexy lean mass, not ugly fat!

The way I like to do this is simple. Add calories when you stall in weight. It's that simple. And for dieting, when you stall, cut calories. Well, this is where we will take two diets and you can choose which one you use based on your goals and we will ?Pimp Your Diet? to make it more geared toward gaining muscle and strength!

The Modifications

You have the vehicles to gain lean mass and lose fat, now we need to make sure we are fine-tuned for gaining muscle and strength. This is where we utilize nutrients around training to accomplish this.

Glucose is your body?s preferred fuel source. Glucose is derived from carbohydrates. Unfortunately taking glucose (AKA dextrose) can cause your insulin levels to spike and then drop fast, causing you to lose energy, or crash during training.

When this happens, it will negatively affect your performance and that will impact your ability to build muscle. Luckily we have MTS Nutrition Machine Carb 10?. This has a low molecular weight yet extremely minimal insulin response so it replenishes your muscles fast without the deleterious effects of an insulin spike and crash.

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So we will take the above diets and make one simple modification?

We will insert workout nutrition into this program. Whether bulking or cutting, this will aid in building muscle and strength by providing your body with the nutrients that it needs during training.

First off, you need carbohydrates. As stated before, you will get this from Machine Carb 10? since it infuses the muscles with much-needed carbs without the crash you get from spiking insulin. We will put 25 grams of carbs in the pre-workout mix, or one scoop.

We will also need ample beta alanine and creatine, in FULL DOSES! Together, these ingredients have been shown to aid in the GAINING of both muscle and strength. Thus, we have three choices:
So to get this correct, here is what we will do in the 90 minutes leading up to your workout:

T-90 Minutes: Normal meal based on the diet plan you are following. This SHOULD be a carb containing meal if one is allotted on the plan.

T-30 Minutes: Consume the following shake:
  • 1 scoops Machine Carb 10?
  • FULL SERVING P3, Core Fury or CLASH
Then train!

Intra-workout. Intraworkout we do not need more carbs, but we need branch chain amino acids, or BCAAs. BCAAs fuel your muscles with what they need when they need it most and help you to lose fat and build lean mass...the keys to building muscle and strength. This is what you consume during training:
  • 2 scoops of MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel mixed with 20-24 oz water. This will also provide Taurine and Agmatine for pumps and blood flow!
Post-workout. Post-workout is the time to recover and rush nutrients to your cells. We also want to limit the insulin spike to avoid fat gain but also get it in fast?fat is not a component of muscle and strength. Thus, the only carb that has the low molecular weight to get in there fast with very little insulin response is Machine Carb 10?.

We also want a FAST protein that is high quality, or a quality whey isolate. This is what you need post-workout:
To optimize the mitochondrial effects of Carb10 and your ability to generate ATP while training - we strongly recommend incorporating HPN N(r) into your daily supplement regimen at a dosage of 2 capsules per day 1 hour pre-workout.

Adjusting the Muscle and Strength Diet

Adjust the diet as outlined in the articles but NEVER touch the workout nutrition. This will not change, ever. Simply adjust everything else and keep this consistent. This will ensure the perfect fuel when you need it most for muscle and strength, around training!

Morning Trainers

If you train first thing in the morning, simply take your pre-workout shake of Machine Carb 10 and your pre-workout and go. This should be adequate to fuel an epic session!


We have you covered! The Muscle and Strength Training Program is right here!

Putting it All Together

We have tried this approach on many athletes and the results in both muscle and strength have been astounding. Give this program a try whether dieting or bulking and see gains in muscle and strength that you never thought were possible.

And of course, treat every workout like it is your last workout!

Here?s to GAINS like you've never seen before. Because making the best gains ever in muscle and strength, that's not a game!
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