Meet Your Weight Loss Goals By Challenging Your Inner Child

Meet Your Weight Loss Goals By Challenging Your Inner Child

Next time you see some kids playing, do you see them logging how many jumping jacks they did or how many steps they took?


They aren't checking their trackers for optimal heart rate and rest periods?

Kids don't care about results, goal setting, or accomplishing fitness-related things. They move and it feels good to them.

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At what point did we lose that natural love of movement? Once we put on enough weight that it hurt to do? Maybe we have a passion to be more active, but the habits of a sedentary life have made it hard to get out and move?

Having goals is what pushes us to accomplish something. It's essential for us to design a fitness plan that gives us structure and allows us to get in shape. Our busy schedules make re-discovering our child-like playful sides, but many experts believe this is what we need.

Remember when you used to climb trees, jumped rope, danced, and just moved? Now's the time to get back to it.

Three reasons you should enjoy recess again include.

Challenge Your Inner Child

1.) It Will Build Brain Power

Any movement or exercise is beneficial to your brain. Activity is what provides an environment for our brain cells to flourish.

Dr. John Ratey is a clinical associate professor at Harvard Medical School and he is the author of "A User's Guide to the Brain." He emphasizes that walking or running free on a trail or road is different to your brain than slogging along on the treadmill.

There are more obstacles, you'll move in different ways, and you'll have to face some risks that involve tripping you up. Unless you're the rare breed that loves to be on the treadmill, being outdoors is much more fun. The experiences, sights, and the obstacles you face will enrich your brain's circuits — keeping them firing.

2.) It Helps Prevent Injuries

No matter if you are an athlete training for a specific event or someone looking to get in shape, it is valuable to strengthen your entire body to prevent overuse issues.

If you're already training, adding in more exercise may seem overwhelming. Kinesiologist and personal trainer Angel Stone says that playing can help. It's promoting new muscle recruitment that is vital to injury prevention, but it also is fun so it decreases your overall stress levels.

3.) You'll Be More Motivated

If you were getting exercise and it was fun, you'd want to do it more... right?

Most of us love to have spontaneity in our lives, so adding a playful workout routine can help increase your commitment long-term while you fall in love with the process of getting fit.

If you're stuck in a rut, try to do a completely new routine or exercise. This gives you a fresh view of a movement, giving you the novelty of a new activity.

Incorporating more play into your day helps you increase your focus, creativity, and confidence. If you learn to let loose and enjoy your day, the stress melts away.

Wrapping It Up

Adding a new element to your days will pull you out of bed and increase your drive. There are no downsides to putting more natural movements into your daily routine.

“It doesn’t need to be anything too structured,” says Caleb Backe, personal trainer and wellness expert for Maple Holistics. “The whole point of play is to experience the freedom and wonder that go along with it. Spontaneous play helps us to discover ourselves and the world around us in ways that are different than when following a structured plan.”

Incorporating play and any freestyle element to your day adds a new challenge, which can be fun.

Getting More Play into Your Day

Having a hard time figuring out some ways to get some fun into your day?

Sprint down the empty hallway at work, sprint up some stairs, or have a dance off while you are doing your chores at home.

Remember back to when you were a kid and start enjoying the activities you used to. Maybe you like to jump rope or hopscotch — so do it.

So here are a few things that may spark your creativity:

  • Go fly a kite
  • Go hiking and veer off the trail to go climb some fallen trees
  • Go on an adventure
  • Round up your friends for a water balloon fight
  • Go play paintball
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Chase your love around the house
  • Play with your kids
  • Learn a new dance move

Life is movement so get out there and have some fun.

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