How to Eat on Thanksgiving

How to Eat on Thanksgiving

I have been getting the question a lot, “What do I eat on Thanksgiving?”

The answer is, “Enjoy.” That’s right, unless getting ready for a show, a competition or some kind of weird festival, have fun with your family.

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Food is social. Food is tradition. No matter what culture you come from, there is a history in food that helps to make us a culture.

I have fond memories of my father-in-Law, prior to passing, cooking his lasagna on Christmas. I have even more fond memories of my family's pork chop and latkes meal on Hanukkah. My mom had some weird ways!

Regardless, this is part of life, and bodybuilding and the health and physique lifestyle need to fit into that life, or you will ultimately fail.

I remember the Old Marc. Missing holiday meals for the sake of being shredded. Eating all white meat turkey and skipping the Apple Pie to make sure that all 453 of my ab veins were intact after the meal.

Well, let me tell you something… I do not do that anymore and look even better. Sure, I cannot grate Gouda on my ass year round, but I am happier, healthier and a lot more fun to be with at holiday time.

This is the NEW Marc!


The stress of counting calories and making sure all is perfect will raise cortisol and negatively affect your results. Balance is key!

Now I am not saying to go out and blow it for the entire week. I recommend the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, eat “well” (I know, broad term… Bite me).

And you IIFYM’ers (If It Fits Your Macros) will love this but if you know a big meal is coming, save up some calories! Although food choices matter, this will help to balance the calories and at the end of the day, calories in versus calories out is first and foremost.

And before the big meal, studies have shown that a simple 20-40 gram whey protein shake will help to keep you from destroying the entire left side of the Buca Di Beppo menu.

So there you have it. The take home:

  • Don’t let being anal ruin your holiday season and feasts!
  • Save up calories so if you do gorge on a big a$$ meal, the damage is much less.
  • Drink 1-2 scoops of MTS Whey about an hour before you feast.
  • Take 2 MTS Nutrition Nutrient Driver about 20 minutes  before the main feast

For those on set macros, here is what you will do: Eat 50% of your allotted daily macros aside from your big meal.

For the big meal, do not count it but do not go overboard and binge to the point of feeling sick.

For Competitors

For those prepping and within 12 weeks, you’re screwed. Weigh out that white meat turkey! Hey, you chose to compete! NO CHEATING!

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richard newfield - December 22, 2017

Good advice even for big Christmas meal.

Damon Harrison - December 6, 2017

For me, the protein shake is the key to not binge eating on the holidays. Helps me a ton. Thanks for the article.

richard newfield - November 28, 2017

Good info. I usually drink a protein shake before a big meal event so I don’t go overboard on the food.

Dustin Nutt - November 27, 2017

I followed your advice this year and enjoyed some pie that my wife made, I haven’t done that for many many years. I have never competed nor ever plan to but I have been very picky and tough to get along with in the past. Anyway, this year was much better and tastier than years past. Thank you for the article.

Jonathan Sosh - November 21, 2017

Great read!

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