10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Without Dieting

10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Without Dieting

95% of all diets in America ultimately fail. That's right. Only 1 out of every 20 individuals will succeed in dieting.

Why do diets ultimately fail?

Because people see diets as a temporary solution to a lifelong problem. Instead of following some crazy fad diet that consists of kale and bean sprouts, we need to focus on making positive lifestyle choices. This will allow us to live a healthy life without forcing us to drink that crappy juice concoction we just paid $7 for.

We all know you don't like that bleep anyways so don't act like it's the cure for a healthy life.

Don't focus on "dieting." Instead, focus on having a well-balanced "diet."

People get so caught up on nonsense. When it comes to the foods we are consuming, we tend to focus on the wrong things.

Instead of telling yourself you ate healthy today when you had that salad (when we know damn well that salad had more calories than your buddies Big Mac and Fries), do the following things to improve your diet. And don't worry. You can still eat your pizza, maybe just leave the ranch dressing on the side.

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Eating Healthier With These 10 Tips

1. Don't drink your calories

When you go out to eat with friends and family drink water or black coffee instead of soda or juice. Drinking your calories does not provide satiation.

In other words, drinking your calories won't fill you up. By cutting out 2 sodas per day you will save 300 Calories per day. This equates to over 30 pounds per year.

Put that soda down.

2. Watch the condiments

Condiments add unnecessary calories to your diet. Common toppings such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, and cream dressings add several hundred calories to your meals.

Instead, stick to lower calorie condiments such as hot sauces, buffalo sauce, or mustards. These spice or vinegar-based toppings have little to no calories compared to cream or sugar based condiments.

3. Leave off the cheese

Yes we all know you love cheese.

I'm not saying to leave it off your pizza because that's overkill. However, by leaving cheese off common items such as salads and sandwiches you will cut the calories by several hundred.

BUT, truth be told we all know cheese is effing awesome. So maybe just ask the waiter to go light on it.

4. Pack your lunch

Brown Paper BagYou don't have to bring boiled chicken and three pieces of spinach for lunch. But by bringing your own lunch you are far more likely to consume fewer calories.

Many times restaurant meals will have over 1000 Calories. However, even by bringing in a peanut butter and jelly for lunch you will likely eat far less. It's a better option than downing that Bacon Western Buttery Garlic deep fried burger at the local burger joint.

5. Choose better snack options

We all get hungry while working our 9-5 jobs. Especially in the afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. Yes, I took that from the 5 hour energy commercial big deal.

Instead of running to the vending machine for your daily pack of Reeses, bring a Greek yogurt and a banana. There are plenty of snack options today that are healthy and don't taste like cow crap.

6. Eat smaller meals

Your overall weight gain/weight loss is purely determined by calories in versus calories out. However, by splitting your daily calories into smaller meals you will avoid hunger pangs. You'll also be less likely to overeat.

Many people eat only at lunch and dinner. This causes them to overeat at these meal times.

If you normally eat 2000 Calories per day, try splitting it up into five 400 Calorie Meals instead of two 1000 Calorie meals.

7. Eat some veggies

Yes I know what you're thinking.

No kidding. I learned about the food pyramid in the 1st grade.

But you would be shocked by the number of people that eat little to no vegetables. Veggies don't have to taste like dead grass.

Season those buggers up or throw them on the grill. They'll taste better in no time. Just have a serving with one or two of your meals per day and your body will thank you.

8. Limit sweets

Follow the 80/20 rule. Most of your diet should consist of healthy whole foods, but allow yourself to eat one treat per day as long as its in moderation.

Choose a small candy bar that's 100 calories, for example. Not that king-sized Kit Kat that has 5 servings in 1 bar.

9. Eat breakfast

Studies have shown that people that eat breakfast are far less likely to overeat throughout the rest of the day. Your teachers weren't lying in grade school when they said breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

10. Practice moderation

Some days it's fine to indulge in that burger or to hit up that Chinese buffet, as long as you don't make it a habit. Allow yourself a cheat day once per week where you can go wild, but just make sure your overall diet is in check.

Final Thoughts on Healthy Eating

Too many people view a diet as a short term fix; one that will help them to drop that bulge before returning to their old ways of justifying a box of Oreos as a meal.

The reason that diets fail is that people often jump back and forth from one extreme to the other. They go from a kale munching pilates lifestyle one day to a screw it Imma be fat doe lifestyle.

Neither choice will result in great health.

Making these simple changes will go a long way towards your long term health and maybe you'll avoid quadruple bypass surgery in 30 years.
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