273 Best Fat Loss Tips & Hacks Superfeature

273 Best Fat Loss Tips & Hacks Superfeature

12 Timeless Tips For a Successful Body Transformation

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The reason why you?re reading this is because you want results. You need advice that works presented to you in a way that makes sense. I assure you, you've come to the right place.

I know this is a big deal for you ? that's why we?re going to keep it simple. And that's also why you?re going to succeed. You might still feel like a newbie or a player coming out of retirement, but you after this, you'll have a toolbox of knowledge and guidance to take you across the finish line and finally get the results you've always wanted.

4 Ways to Make Food Your Friend

Read the 4 way to make food your friend

Changing body composition requires a strategic approach to your diet and a mindful approach to your environment. Without paying attention to these two things ? your diet and environment ? it? likely you'll lose muscle and gain more fat.

it's not exactly the outcome you (or Mark) are looking for, right?

let's take your enthusiasm and turn into results. What follows are a few strategies that will kick start your fat loss progress.

Drop Factor
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Healthy Diet Cheat Sheet With 6 Practical Nutrition Tips

Read the 6 practical nutrition tips

Counting and tracking every gram can be draining ? like being forced to go to a wedding you don't want to go, much less know the people getting married. it's time-consuming ? even with the advancement of technology.

I?ll always track my intake and macros. it's a method I?ll vouch for every time. But considering the landscape of human-beings, I too, respect the fact that people are different. And, different methods will work for different people.

At the pace we live life at today, simplicity and low activation energy (the amount of psychological and physical energy required to do something) is critical for sustaining a healthy diet.

Having said that, as a health and fitness writer, it's my over-arching aim to make nutrition practical for people ? and get incredible results at the same time.

Here are 6 ways you can do just that.

Build a Dream Body With These 33 Undeniable Fitness Truths

Read the 33 fitness truths

This information overload is created by fitness phonies to endorse placebo products that don't work. I come from a family of unfit individuals. I myself am a fatty turned fit. I know the pain, and the struggle to see results and keep them going for the long term.

Here are some truths I?ve learned from self-experimentation and training clients, male/female, and young, old, fat and thin.

10 Best Fast Food Choices For Dieters

Read the 10 best fast food choices

Eating a salad for every meal won't make you ripped or shredded, just as eating pizza won't kill your diet if consumed in moderation.

But not all of us can bring prepackaged food in Tupperware containers for every meal of every day. let's say your coworkers want to grab lunch, or your girlfriend insists she wants to leave the house and eat out. The following are a list of some macronutrient friendly food items found at your favorite national restaurant chains that won't kill you diet.
Fat Loss

6 Diet Traps That Sabotage Your Results

Read the 6 diet traps

it's evident. Everyone knows what good foods are and what bad food is. I can bet you know that curly fries with buttermilk ranch dressing that is magnificently paired with the double western bacon cheeseburger and washed down with a sweetened raspberry iced tea 3-4 times a week isn't optimal for your health, much less your physique, right?

But what about the lesser known traps sabotaging your results that could be showing up in your daily diet and behavior? These pitfalls are the invisible margin that can get the best of you when you aren?t aware of them.

What follows are 6 diet saboteurs that can wreck your physique in a hurry, unless you beat them with the bulletproof solutions below.

10 Low Calorie Filling Foods

Read the 10 low calorie filling foods

For many of us summer means ditching those last few pounds and getting as lean as possible. However, losing weight involves lowering your calories which can be uncomfortable for some due to hunger pangs and potential irritability.

One way of getting around this problem is by eating foods that are both voluminous and low in calories. Foods that are higher in volume improve satiety and mentally assist individuals in feeling full.

The following foods are low calorie. By adding them to your diet you'll feel full without adding a ton of extra calories. More food means less hunger, so here goes?

6 Point Strategy to Improve Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

Read the 6 point strategy now

It wouldn't surprise me either if you have back pocket full of swaps and alternatives to bump up total food volume to keep you sated. it's likely that you have your snacking under control and you have some type of social support keeping you on track.

However, for the newbie or chronically frustrated, these things aren?t commonplace. If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place.

We?re going to teach you six strategies that the people with the best bodies use all the time.

5 Essential Tips: How to Lose Body Fat and Reclaim Your Sanity

Read the 5 essential tips now

[caption id="attachment_13727" align="alignright" width="190"]Drop Factor Click here to order MTS Drop Factor - The thermogenic powerhouse![/caption]

Those are great headlines and potent marketing tactics, but I'm sure you'd agree that a lot of that stuff only leads to more disappointment and frustration right? I'm giving you a list of things that work.

None of them are speedy. None of them are ground-breaking. But when you combine these strategies and execute them consistently over time, they will get the job done. You will lose fat by simplifying your approach.

Before you go on, let me warn you.

you'll be faced with a decision at the end of this piece ? something like a fork in the road.
One route will take you down the same path you've been traveling. The other path, offers some discomfort. Nothing life threatening. But it's something like giving your first public speech ? anxious, but oddly excited at the same time.

The following strategies lay out the road-map, but at the end of the day you have to decide which path to take.

6 Weight Loss Tips to Help You Achieve the ?Impossible?

Read the 6 weight loss tips now

Maybe you?re in the trenches and have realized your methods aren?t working and you need to improve your tactics. By doing so, you won't be changing basic behaviors like eating, sleeping and moving ? you'll just be improving on them to get a better result.

This program will equip you to tackle the obstacle you face with confidence. By pairing up practical nutrition strategies with a simple to follow training program designed to be done with minimal equipment, you have the tools to defeat the enemy.

The only thing you have to do is show up.

You ready? Lets go.

8 Reasons Why You Aren?t Losing Fat (Effectively)

Read the 8 reasons you aren't losing fat

People tend to blame lack of weight loss progress on a multitude of different reasons. Although there are many reasons why you may not be making fat loss progress, it all comes down to one very simple formula.

In order to lose weight effectively you must expend more calories than you are putting into your body. This occurs by either eating less, working out more, or a combination of the two.

People may blame plateaus and progress on different things but there are some common reasons that many people struggle with weight loss.

5 Lessor Known Reasons Why You Aren?t Losing Fat (And 5 Solutions)

Read the 5 reasons you aren't losing fat

The reality is that in order to troubleshoot your fat loss plateau, it's not as linear as exercising more or eating less. you've got to become your own investigator and dig for the evidence that may be bottlenecks to your progress.

So if you've started more diets and training programs than you'd like to admit, only to give up when progress stalls, don't worry. This article will point out several common, but grossly overlooked mistakes people make when trying to improve their body composition. And, instead of just leaving with you the mistakes, I?ll equip you with some bulletproof strategies to course-correct your journey to get you back on track in no time.

15 Ways to Become a Fat Burning Machine

Read the 15 ways to become a fat burning machine

John uses resistance training 3 days a week. He also does some form of cardio 5 days a week and eats a well-rounded diet. Day in and day out John goes to the gym, training harder than everyone around him. His hope? Burning off stubborn body fat that just won't go away.

While John trudges through each workout he slowly loses faith. The naysayers might be right. What is he can't do it? John has tried all of the fad diets and infomercial ?fat loss miracles,? and he still hasn?t had any fat loss success.

Frustration sets in. John tirelessly searches for articles and scours through fitness forums to see what he is doing wrong.

While he has a basic understanding of the principles that drive weight loss, John realizes that something is missing. He just doesn't know what.

If this story sounds familiar check out these 15 tips. They will help turn you into a fat burning machine.

Top 9 Reasons You?re Not Losing Fat

Read the 9 reasons you're not losing fat

It has been proven time and time again that excess bodyweight places a much larger strain on the body. There is a reason why we do not see extremely heavy old people, because they generally do not live as long. I challenge you to find a 200 plus pound 90 year old, they just do not exist.

While I believe that the influences around us, such as fast food, do not help the situation, we must take responsibility for ourselves. We are the only people controlling what we eat and what enters our bodies.

Fast food and processed food can be safely consumed in moderation, however, our main problem exists in the fact that people rely solely upon it for their entire diet. This combined with lack of exercise has proven to yield deadly consequences.

We must make changes if we are to improve the health and well-being of our society as a whole. The following is a list of the top 10 reasons people give why they?re still fat and what can be done to change them.

7 Tips to Cut Bodyfat Fast and Effectively

Read the 7 ways to cut bodyfat fast

A recent study cited that 95% of all diets ultimately end up in failure. You heard that right. 95% of ?diets? fail for one reason or another.

The guidelines below highlight some of the best ways to stick to your diet. I also included ways to avoid some of the most common fat loss pitfalls; things people typically suffer from.

25 Unconventional Fat Shredding Tips

Read the 25 fat shredding tips

Has your fat loss come to a screeching halt? Does it seem like no matter what you try, you just can't seem to drop those last few pounds of body fat?

Have you tried all the traditional methods for cutting fat but the scale isn't moving? If so, check out these 25 unconventional fat shredding tips.

9 Weight Loss Tips That Deliver Results!

Read the 9 weight loss tips

As a bodybuilder or athlete, you know the importance of maintaining a proper weight/height/muscle mass proportion, and undoubtedly practice a vigilant sort of attitude regarding the foods you consume. None of those high-fat, empty calorie, white flour/white sugar snacks for you!

But sometimes a few pounds manage to crawl into an area of your body and catch you off guard. This may happen from neglecting your workouts,  or because you may have been indulging in some forbidden foods.

Now you need to get those pounds off in a quick and healthy manner. What do you do?

5 Mistakes Lifters Make on the Road to Getting Shredded

Read the 5 mistakes lifters make

Summer is in full swing and everyone is spending more time at the beach or pool. Now is the time when everyone gets to see who puts their time in at the gym and who has slacked off on their New Year?s resolution to lose weight and get leaner.

How did your plans for getting shredded work? Did you hit some snags along the way?

Most lifters when it comes time to lean out will hit a snag or two on the road to shred-town. Here are eight common mistakes and some suggestions on how to avoid them.

5 Nutrient Dense Foods for a Leaner, Healthier Body

Read the 5 nutrient dense foods

Many of these flexible dieters believe that as long as you hit your daily cutting diet calorie goal, you can eat anything you want. Donuts, pizza and ice cream, all day.

While I'm an advocate of free meals for sustainability purposes, you've got to understand that anyone who has an incredible physique DOES NOT base their diet on junk food. If you?re concerned at all about your health in pursuit of a killer physique, then the quality of your calories need to reflect that as well.

The point is that quality and quantity of calories matter. This comes with an obvious follow-up question: which should be your primary focus? Sourcing quality calories or counting the quantity of calories?

I say learn how to source quality foods first. Learning how to track and monitor your calorie intake along with macronutrients is the icing on the cake.

With that said, here are 5 high quality nutrient dense foods you can include in your diet. They will help you build a healthier, leaner body.

5 Huge Mistakes Dieters Make and How to Fix Them

Read the 5 huge dieting mistakes

Are you skinny? Fat? Skinny fat? No, that is a real Internet thing, I swear!

Whatever your current disposition, you may have tried dieting, hoping that it would cure your current body issues. The result> You found out that diets are harder than you thought.

Maybe you saw a little bit of progress, but then hit a wall. Your efforts stalled. Whether you tried to lose fat, gain muscle or work towards the mythical ?body recomp,? chances are good that, like many before you, some stumbling blocks were encountered.

To get you on track, here are five huge mistakes dieters make and how to fix them today.

Ryan Terry ? 4 Fat Loss Tips to Get Ripped

Read the Ryan Terry's 4 tips

2017 Arnold champion and USN athlete Ryan Terry recently landed at Tiger Fitness HQ to discuss fat loss. In this feature Ryan Terry discusses four common mistakes men and women make when trying to get ripped.

?Help Me Lose Weight!? 7 Things Hindering Your Fat Loss

Read the 7 things hindering fat loss

The flames have been doused by every dieter?s worst and most dangerous enemy: a lack of results. After the first few weeks have gone by and people aren?t seeing the quick results that they want, they give in.

Everyone these days just seems to want quick results, without putting in the work which is necessary in order to achieve them. They want secrets, they want shortcuts, they want anything. Anything except having to work hard ? and that is ultimately, why they fail.

But I'm going to break it down further. If you fit into this category. If you have fallen on and off of your diet due to a lack of results, then it is time to address the issue. Whether it be a struggle for you to see any results at all, to you being someone who is stuck near the end, desperately trying to melt away the last few overhanging edges.

This list covers factors from every aspect of the road to being lean! Here they are, the seven things which could be hindering your fat loss.

Get Shredded: 5 Methods For Successful Fat Loss

Read the 5 methods for fat loss

Getting shredded can be summed up like this: Your body must be burning more calories than you consume daily. Ideally this is done by a combination of increased exercise and a calorie deficit.

The result of this pairing is reduced levels of leptin and a rise in ghrelin. And, when you continue to drop bodyfat, leptin dips even further. Translation: You feel more hungry and meals tend to feel less satisfying.

When you attempt to get shredded, you?re forcing your body to do something it doesn't want to. It strives for homeostasis ? to remain balanced. Believe it or not, your body is built for survival.

So, when you are literally wrestling it into transformation guess what? it's going to be hard.

This article will support with a few strategies to assist you along your journey to make sure you have a successful shred. I'm not promising you that it will make the process a walk in the park. Rather, it?ll take the edge off making the process bearable and essentially help you take yourself across the finish line.

4 Best Tools to Improve Your Fat Loss Workouts

Read the 4 best tools for fat loss workouts

let's face it, fat loss isn't complicated. It requires consistency in your training and nutrition over the course of weeks and months to get shredded. But, that doesn't mean that you have watch the time tick away on a recumbent bike or stair master, wondering if you are losing any of the precious muscle that you've worked so hard to build.

Not all fat loss tools or methods are created equal. Some tools yield a larger return on your time investment than others.

Here are the top four tools that will torch fat while preserving as much muscle as possible while you are in a calorie deficit.

3 Principles for Successful Fat Loss Everyone Should Know

Read the 3 principles for fat loss

Working towards a body composition goal can be a tricky process sometimes. There is a lot of information out there detailing various methods to get shredded. To be honest, it can get confusing even for someone who has been around the gym scene for a while and stays pretty well-informed.

There are many, many, different methods out there for fat loss that I can think of off the top of my head. I can come up with at least ten different dieting strategies that are popular for gym rats to follow in order to get shredded.

If you were to break all of these methods down and strip away all the hype, there are very basic principles that all diets follow in order for users to lose fat. The key is to find a method that fits best into your lifestyle and make sure that you are still following these fundamental principles that will govern fat-loss for everyone.

The 6 Most Overlooked Fat Loss Strategies

Read the 6 overlooked fat loss strategies

This article is aimed at someone who has a grasp at the basics of fat loss. I'm assuming you understand that to lose fat you must be in a caloric deficit. And ideally, you?re involved in some type of strength training program. You have a realistic idea of where you are now (for example your body fat level is 6% too high), and you have a goal of where you want to go (for example drop 6% body fat).

But in the following we?re going to take a look at the 6 most underrated and overlooked strategies of fat loss that are probably holding you back from further progress. These tips fill the gaps of your approach. These invisible margins are where a lot of people get held up and run into frustration. Often this leads them down the road to quitting.

That's not going to be you.

With the foundational knowledge that you already have, paired with these 6 fat loss strategies, you'll bulletproof your shred and be proud of the fruits of your labor when you look in the mirror.

49 Fat Blasting Tips ? Get Lean and Lose Fat

Read the 49 fat blasting tips

Burn more calories this year by incorporating these workout, nutrition, and cardio tips that will help you blast away the fat. Presented by Editorial Director Steve Shaw.

The Only 4 Fat Loss Hacks You Need to Worry About

Read the 4 fat loss hacks

Contrary to many people?s beliefs there are very few hard and fast rules about fat loss. The bigger question is what works for you specifically.

For something to be appropriate for you, it doesn't just need to make sense physiologically. It also needs to fit within your life.

Often the biggest mistake is trying to work around everything, rather than making things fit in around you. There's quite a vast difference between these two things.

What follows are four fat loss ?hacks? you can implement into your life without them becoming so obtrusive that you resent them.
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