49 Fat Blasting Tips - Get Lean and Lose Fat

49 Fat Blasting Tips - Get Lean and Lose Fat

1. Relax and Have Fun

Stop trying to find the perfect resistance training and cardio workout. Instead, just do what you enjoy. Have fun, learn, and evolve your training based on needs. By having fun you'll learn a lot about your body, keep your motivation, and actually look forward to hitting the gym.

2. Build Muscle

Muscle mass boosts your metabolism and helps you to burn more calories each day. If you're cardio obsessed, it's time to kick up your game and start pumping some iron.

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3. Go Hiking

Forget boring treadmill workouts. Hiking not only lowers your blood pressure, it also has the potential to burn over twice as many calories per hour. So instead of grinding out two hours of treadmill walking during the week, try going on a two hour weekend hike instead.

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4. Take Yohimbine

Supplement with yohimbine 15 to 20 minutes before your resistance training session comes to an end. Then, hit the cardio. Yohimbine will help to sustain fat burning after your workout is over.

5. Rest-Pause

Instead of just performing random sets and reps, try restricting rest between sets to 15-30 seconds. By doing so you will elevate your heart rate and help your body burn more calories while you perform resistance training.

6. Compound Movements

Crush compound movements to start each resistance training session. What's a compound movement? It's a very challenging and taxing lift that forces multiple major muscle groups to work very hard. Examples of compound movements include squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press, and dumbbell rows.

7. Build Strength

Strength comes down to simple physics. The more weight you move, the more calories you burn. By increasing your strength you will not only be working to build a better body, but you will also blast through more calories.

8. Run Fast

Grinding it out on the treadmill is known as steady state cardio. It burns calories, but not as efficiently as HIIT, or high intensity interval training. Next time you hit the treadmill, try 15 second intervals of all-out sprinting followed by 45 seconds of normal cardio walking. Alternate between these two approached. Your heart rate will remain elevated and you will burn more calories.

9. Run Uphill

Kick your cardio or walking up a notch by sprinting up a hill. Use the same approach as you did in the previous tip, but instead run up a hill and walk back down. Rinse and repeat.

10. Meal Prep

Prepare your work lunches and snacks in advance. By having quality food choices handy you will be less likely to snack on calorie dense junk foods and vending machine treats.
Meal Prep

11. Hydrate

Water is important. You've heard this all before, but let me explain. Hydration helps to regulate appetite and improve the liver's ability to metabolize fat. Make sure you remain properly hydrated.

12. Up and Down

Alternate between a floor exercise and a standing exercise. This constant up and down movement will burn through a crazy amount of calories. For example, start with 10 push ups and then do 10 sit ups. Move on to nine, eight, seven, etc. Continue this pattern until done, and start over again with a new up and down movement pairing.

13. No Stress

Stress messes up the body in numerous ways. It hinders cellular repair, impairs sleep, impacts your immune system, and ultimate lends itself to fat storage. slow down and get stress under control. It will help you feel better and eat less.

14. Better Friends

Positivity breeds positivity. If your friend circle is filled with calorie-gobbling enablers and folks that aren't into living healthy, seek out additions to your circle that share similar goals. This daily reinforcement and added motivation can make a huge difference.

15. Time Yourself

A timer app or stopwatch will help you to stick to certain rest periods during cardio, or in between resistance training sets. This discipline will speed up your workouts and help you to burn more calories.

16. Back Off!

After your final heavy set on a compound exercise (squats, bench press, rows), drop the weight by 30 to 50% and perform as many reps as possible. This burnout set will get your heart pumping, and raise your heart rate.

17. Fat Furnace 50

Using about 40% of your one rep max for a given exercise, knock out 50 total reps. It doesn't matter how you get there, or how many sets it takes. Just crush 50 reps as quickly as possible. Do this at the end of a workout to turn your body into a fat-torching furnace.

18. Sleep

Sub-optimal sleep leads to extra eating. An American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition study found that inferior sleeping habits lead to an increase in carb-rich snack choices and more calories.

19. Change Bad Habits

Sometimes big wars can be won by changing small habits. If you stop for a calorie-filled cappuccino each morning, instead prepare a lower calorie coffee alternative before you hit the car each day. Head for fast food each lunch? Pack a tasty lunch snack each day that won't pack on the body fat.

Cutlery20. Cutlery Matters

Cutlery choice matters, believe it or not. Quality knives, forks, and spoons improves food quality perception. Researchers found that when you eat with superior cutlery you eat less and feel full more quickly. Go figure.

21. Upbeat Movies

Researchers found that you were likely to eat more popcorn if you were slogging through a slow movie rather than watching something action-packed and upbeat. In fact, in one case folks ate 55% more popcorn.

22. Walk Like a Farmer

Farmer's walk, or similar exercises, are called loaded carries. They are extremely challenging, and allow you to work multiple muscle groups such as the legs and traps while also increasing calorie expenditure.

23. Finish Strong

If high intensity interval training (HIIT) is too intense for you, instead trying finishing strong. Perform your cardio at a normal pace, and when you reach your 20 or 30 minute mark for the day go all-out for as long as possible. This will elevate your heart rate and help you to burn more calories.

24. Get Complex

A complex is a combination of barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell movements performed in sequence without taking a break and putting the resistance down. An example barbell complex might be a sequence featuring a power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, behind the neck press, and a barbell row.

25. HIIT Lite

If HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is too challenging for you... Try this. Perform 10 to 20 second bursts of intense speed, and then rest as long as needed before attempting another. It might take you two, three, or even five minutes to recover. So what! Your heart rate has been elevated. Mission accomplished.

26. Get Blue

This is an odd tip, but it seems to work. Swiss researchers found that when we eat off of blue plates, food consumption drops by about 40%. Why? The theory is that the color blue is not associated with food, so therefore we are more likely to push away from the dinner table. Crazy, but worth a try.

27. Think 80/20

Most people focus too much on exercise and not enough on diet. Fat loss is actually mostly about diet. 80% of your focus should be on daily calorie intake. This is your primary fat loss tool. one hour of steady cardio a week only burns about 300 calories. It would take you nearly 12 hours of walking to burn off one pound of fat. With diet you can lose several pounds of fat a week.

28. Sit and Eat

This might surprise you, but folks who sit and eat actually consume fewer calories than those who eat on the go. This is according to a University of Toronto study.

29. Postpone

"Postponement strategy" works. If you want to indulge and eat something bad, hold off today. Postpone eating it. Instead tell yourself that you will allow yourself to eat it tomorrow or the next day. By then, odds are your willpower will be better and you won't want it.
Hiking not only lowers your blood pressure, it also has the potential to burn over twice as many calories per hour.

30. Take a Lunch Stroll

Don't sit like a slug during lunch. Get up and move. This little burst of movement might only burn a small amount of calories, but it will also help to regulate cortisol levels and stress.

31. Add the Good

Often times we place too much of a focus on the foods we can't eat instead of trying to make the foods we can eat taste as good as possible. Stop worrying about Doritos and ice cream. Instead, spend your time experimenting with healthy recipes that taste amazing.

32. Keep Track

Track your food intake, including portion sizes, calories, and protein intake. Do this on old fashioned pen and paper, or preferably a phone app. Tracking will help you to remain more focused, and assist with motivation.

33. Get Busy

Don't let rest days or off days turn into "slug days." Get up, get moving, and stay busy. Knock out your to do list and burn a few extra calories.

34. Tag Team Time

Instead of performing one movement at a time, trying pairing exercises and creating unique exercise combinations. For example, attempt a simultaneous tag-team movement of squats and overhead presses or push ups reps broken up with periods of planking for your abdominals. The combination possibilities are endless.

35. Warm Up

Take five minutes to bring up your core body temperature before hitting the weights. Use steady state cardio that isn't taxing. The point is to loosen up and warm up, not to fatigue your body before heavy weights.

36. Get Colorful

When choosing fruits and veggies, think of the rainbow. Eat a wide variety of colors each week. This will help you consume a broad spectrum of micronutrients, keeping your body healthy and satisfied.

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37. Eat Protein

A high protein diet is an essential. Protein helps you repair, recover, build lean muscle mass, and feel more satisfied. Protein is also the most thermogenic of all macronutrients.

38. Don't Google

Don't eat and Google. Don't eat and browse the Internet, period. A University of Bristol study found that web surfers got distracted, didn't fill up properly, and ending up snacking more in the afternoon.

39. Dumbbell Drops

After an intense dumbbell exercise set, grab a lighter weight and knock out more reps. You can do this several times until your body or mind gives out.

40. Fat, Not Sugar

Fat is not the enemy. Instead of eating low-fat foods stuffed with extra sugar to improve taste, focus on keeping your calories in check while eating a diet rich in healthy fats. Fats will help with satiety.

41. Cool Down

Take time to cool down after a hardcore workout. Your muscles are filled with lactic acid buildup. A slow, steady cool down will help flush your muscles and kick start recovery. Improved recovery can only help to stave off a small degree of muscle soreness and help you move better on off days.

42. Get Tasty

Bland is... Well. Bland! Stop eating plain, unseasoned broccoli and chicken breasts. Learn how to season and spice things up. You can add plenty of flavor to dishes and veggies without adding a ton of unwanted calories.

43. Exercise Outdoors

Research found that when you exercise outdoors there is a potential to burn up to 20% more calories. Leptin levels are increased, which control your body's fat stores, and the sun will also boost your vitamin D levels.

44. Fiber Up!

Search out, and fill up on high fiber foods. Fiber helps you to feel full, aids in digestion, and improves gut bacteria.

45. Ditch the Drinks

Drop the liquid calories. Set aside any drink that has calorie content. Sodas. Energy drinks. Juices. And don't forget to cut back on alcohol.

46. Chew Slowly

Slow down and enjoy your food. A study from the University of Birmingham found that those who take time to savor the texture and taste of their food were less likely to overeat.

47. Get Clustered

Cluster sets are great for building muscle and burning off calories.  Perform four, five, six, or even 8 sets of 6-8 reps, using only 30 seconds of rest in between sets.

48. Get Friendly

Eating with friends has benefits. You will get distracted, eat more slowly, and allow more time for your stomach to inform you that you're full. This works, actually, according to the Journal Of Physiological Behaviour.

49. Think Back

Next time you're hungry and want to reach for that bonus snack, hit rewind first. Think back to what you've eaten earlier in the day. University of Birmingham psychologists discovered that this simple action will reduce the likelihood of snacking.
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