The Only 4 Fat Loss Hacks You Need to Worry About

The Only 4 Fat Loss Hacks You Need to Worry About

Contrary to many people's beliefs there are very few hard and fast rules about fat loss. The bigger question is what works for you specifically.

For something to be appropriate for you, it doesn't just need to make sense physiologically. It also needs to fit within your life.

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Often the biggest mistake is trying to work around everything, rather than making things fit in around you. There's quite a vast difference between these two things.

What follows are four fat loss "hacks" you can implement into your life without them becoming so obtrusive that you resent them.

4 Fat Loss Hacks

Hack #1 - Counting Steps

In 2016 it became increasingly fashionable to use FitBits - and things alike - to track every step you took. This is a very clever way to increase fat loss because by having a set quota for the day to aim for your instinct is to meet it and even surpass it.

The theory is that 10,000 steps per day approximates somewhere near to 3,500 calories burned per week. In fat loss terms, that's one whole pound lost.

Hack #2 - Drinking More Water

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Thermogenesis is the driver behind metabolic activity, if you can turn this up you will lose more fat.

Funny but true enough, drinking more water is the fastest way to achieve this outcome. This is partly due to the fact your body has to work harder to retain it's core temperature with more cold fluids going in. If you're like every other person your objection will be that you detest drinking loads of water because it is bland!

That was a valid argument until Hydra-Charge was created. This beautifully flavored refreshing concoction of natural electrolytes derived from coconut water will make you want to drink water all day!

Hack #3 - Adding More Training Intensity

If you have a set amount of time to train in the gym like most people, aim to spend more of those minutes working. Between your sets rather than simply rest, add in some abdominal exercises or light aerobic work.

This can add an extra 200-300 calorie spend per workout!

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#4 - Using Supplements

Supplements are not magical and you should never be duped into believing they are. However, with every part of your diet and training ticked off adding a handful of carefully selected supplements can potentially enhance fat loss.

Or at least, make it easier!

For this you need to pick something like Clean Burn which will elevate your natural rate of thermogenesis, help control your hunger and cravings.

All of these things are quite easy to do and can have a significant effect on fat loss across a 12 month period.
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