Posting Your Workouts to Facebook Scientifically Proves You Have Mental Problems
Posting Your Workouts to Facebook Scientifically Proves You Have Mental Problems
I see it everyday. Seemingly self-congratulatory posts like, "Just hit my PR on bench press, yeah!" Or, "Down another 5 pounds, almost there!"

Leave it to the science nerds to make this a negative thing.

Researchers from Brunel University in London conducted a study about why people post about their workouts on Facebook, and I have a little something to say about their conclusions. This university has been known to do studies on social media and behavior (see this here) but this one grabbed my attention due to its misinterpretation of why I feel people share exercise on social media.

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On the contrary, we see people post about being drunk, going out and having a great time intoxicated. Does this mean that those people are drunken whores? No, it is social media, they are sharing a part of their life.

Likewise, those in fitness are sharing a part of their lives. Social media is a snapshot into a person's mindset at that time. If they are proud for accomplishing something fitness-related, they will post about it. At least they earned it, and it has a favorable outcome unlike alcohol that leads to having sex with an ugly person and a hangover with no positive outcome.

Are You a Fitness Narcissist?

Narcissism is a word tossed out by non-exercisers criticizing those who exercise regularly.

Narcissism is defined as "extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type." I hardly see posting about running a 5k in record time, Mindsets

So, you haters who feel threatened by the success of others, it is your problem that you see issues with this "bragging."

Then we can contrast with the people who just post pictures of their cars, houses, boats and brag about what they have. Money, females, etc. This is a true mental illness, a cry for help, attention and compensating for low self-esteem and certainly a small penis. I would rather see 400 personal best posts on training then one a$$clown bragging on his car.

In summary, my opinion is "Screw Research."

If you break a personal best, do something cool or are just so proud you want everyone to know, post it! I want to see this on my feed because I have a Growth Mindset and can feel good for your success.

And to this University, based on your past "studies," your personal bias at the start of the study and hypothesis influence the results. Maybe they should look up the saying online, "Do U Even Lift?"

I bet the answer is "No" ...And that's not a game!