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SAN Green Supreme Fusion

Most People Are Still Short-Changing Their Bodies & Health

SAN Green Supreme Fusion 5 Pillars

As a health conscious individual, you try to eat healthy (most of the time) and exercise regularly. Congratulations! You’re on the right track and improved health is around the next corner. But getting adequate amounts of Green Foods is a challenge. No one can blame you.

Is there really a way to look better, feel better and live life on your terms? You bet there is! Can you jump start your body's own natural defense system? You bet you can! Is a “Super Green Food” the answer?... Yes it is!*

That's exactly why we've labored through countless nights to engineer the award-winning Green Supreme Fusion (GSF) for you. Green Supreme Fusion is ultra-condensed with a whopping 700 mg of 5 of the highest ORAC rated antioxidants! It’s simple, easy to use, and more importantly a delicious and refreshing drink mix.

High ORAC Superfood to Encourage Optimal Health

SAN Green Supreme Fusion ORAC Values

ORAC value was developed by scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH). It stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and it's a measuring method for the antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements. Keep in mind that oxidation is to aging what rust is to your car.

GSF is packed with 26 nutrient-dense antioxidant superfoods, sea algae blends as well as high-impact harmonizing herbal extracts. It’s also got probiotics and food digesting enzymes.

Now listen, it’s guaranteed to outperform any other green food supplement you have ever tried in the past. One simple serving contains more essential vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids (protein), Omega-3s, antioxidants than 5 servings of fruits & veggies.*

Want the ideal way to start off your day? GSF helps with immediate satiety while providing the body cell-nurturing high ORAC value superfoods that support neutralizing mutagenic substances which are found in the typical western diet.*

You’ll have an excuse to fall off the wagon every once in a while, because with the all new Green Supreme Fusion in your corner, your body will maintain its edge, in part, by your exceedance of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.*

Think of your new cutting-edge Green Supreme Fusion as sort of like a "healthy meal" in a glass that helps compensate for any shortcomings you might endure due to your hectic work schedule, no time to cook healthy meals or for simple convenience.*

So How Exactly Will I Benefit from Green Supreme Fusion?

Simply put, Green Supreme Fusion is a new and improved concept brought to reality to get you looking better, feeling better, living better — all while saving you more time and more importantly... money! This is all thanks to the advent of 21st Century Science and Nutrition! And the science and technology behind the "more natural" health products just keeps getting better... and better... and BETTER!*

Straight in from the great outdoors, Green Supreme Fusion has a carefully chosen balanced blend of over 30 bottles of more rich, organic herbs, sea algae blends, minerals, whole plant foods, digestive enzymes and much, much more...all combined into one neat, convenient, less-expensive package!

9 Reasons Why GSF Can Help You Look & Feel Better

Acerola, chlorella, spirulina, lecithin, an enhanced better tasting barley & wheat grass, organic rich whole plant foods, pre & probiotics, phyto nutrient adaptogenic vital greens and much more to list.

SAN Green Supreme Fusion Organic Veggies

Just by looking at all of the more natural, higher organic ingredients in Green Supreme Fusion, it has impressed not only the most die-hard of health enthusiasts, but also many "natural health" nutritionists and "natural health" doctors.*

For now though, just two small scoops of Green Supreme Fusion when mixed with a small glass of juice, tea, or even a smoothie or shake is making more and more people just like you take notice.

1. No Sugar! No Useless Fillers! No Bogus Ingredients!

Did you know that many of those fillers can actually destroy or limit the vitamins and mineral properties of food? Check out some of those ingredients you find at health stores online. Like a house of cards tumbling down, all it takes is just a couple of unnatural ingredients or fillers to bring down the house on the more natural, organic plant foods your body craves to keep it running at 100% efficiency.*

2. Some Vitamins and Minerals Can Cancel Each Other Out!

This is the problem with so many health products. While you are swallowing - yet another pill, you may think that you are getting the very best and the right amount of nutrition, but many times you are not! Many products, either in powder, pill or liquid form have way too much of a particular vitamin and mineral, thus wiping out the high potency of other needed vitamins and minerals.

While so many other so-called "health products" are being cranked out by the hundreds of thousands in a "let's get 'em out!" plant, Green Supreme Fusion is carefully and methodically blended with "just the right amount" of Omega-3s, protein, Veggie Power Blend, Phytonutrient Adaptogenic Sea Algae Blend, vitamins, minerals, and better tasting organic and whole plant foods to help give you much better results both physically and mentally — just like it should be!*

3. A Better, Faster, Easier Way to Detoxify Your Body!

Green Supreme Fusion has just the right combination of the just the right kind of organic, but better tasting, ingredients to help your body along in detoxifying itself faster and easier than usual, so your skin, your hair, your nails, your overall appearance can then begin to look much better.*

4. Forget Mixing with Regular Boring Water!

Not only is Green Supreme Fusion the cat's meow in health and beauty, it is also the ultimate in taste when used in teas, juices, shakes, smoothies, breakfast cereals, three-meat four-alarm chili... you get the point!

5. The Perfect Excuse for the Occasional Laziness!

With its more natural whole food plants and its better blend of the right kind of vitamins and minerals, Green Supreme Fusion can actually help fight the oncoming onslaught of those fat cells, even if you are not active.*

We all know that eating small meals throughout the day helps keep our metabolism going, which in turn helps burn more fat. Well now you know that making sure you have the right kind of nutrition also helps you fight the love handles!*

In a weird twist of irony, eating helps you lose weight. Come on, you can admit it - there are days that you just don't want to do anything! Let Green Supreme Fusion be your perfect excuse to be lazy every now and then.*

6. Improve Your Skin!

Acne, blemishes, oily skin, pale color, pores won't close… there are days when you just don't want to go out in public! Instead of just using products for the outside of your body, take care of the inside of your body also! That's where all of our poisons, toxins and dirty chemicals are - which slowly but surely surface to your skin to produce "God, I’m looking like crap today" results!

When you combine the rich sources of skin vitamins in Green Supreme Fusion, along with other daily habits, your skin will look healthier, cleaner and more radiant. GSF helps keep your oil level down and helps keep your pores closed more often throughout the day. Wake up in the morning and see a nicer-looking face in the mirror for a change!*

7. Increase Energy!

If a 70-year-old grandfather has more energy than you do, shouldn't that tell you something? If trying to keep your eyes open and getting up in the morning is exercise in itself, shouldn't THAT tell you something?

8. Feel Calmer and More Relaxed!

The thoughts of the economy, the bills, the high gas prices, the possibilities of losing the job... stress is now one of the most problematic health problems out there. Stress can whittle your body's health down to the bone if you are not careful. Let the more wholesome ingredients in Green Supreme Fusion help you feel more calm and relaxed, as well as give you a better night’s sleep for a change.*

9. Strengthen Your Immune System!

Kick the flu season's butt this time around! How long does it usually take to get over the flu, or, for that matter, the common cold? Give your body a better fighting chance this time around. Feel stronger much quicker!*

There are times when you need more of an edge, both physically and mentally, and what better edge can your body be given than from nature itself? Let Green Supreme Fusion be your natural solution!*

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