CT Fletcher's ISYMFS Preworkout 40 serv
CT Fletcher's ISYMFS 40 serving
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CT Fletcher's ISYMFS Preworkout

CT Fletcher's ISYMFS™ is a powerful preworkout amplifier designed to help you push beyond your mental and physical limits! This preworkout supplement is perfect for those looking to increase their intensity in the gym and power through the most grueling workouts. ISYMFS™ is packed with a clinical dose of elevATP™ and formulated with only the highest quality ingredients to provide you with unparalleled strength, energy, and vascularity!! Don't miss out on the ONLY preworkout by the Original Iron Addict, CT Fletcher!!!

What is it?

ISYMFS stands alone on the pedestal of preworkout sups. It's not for the faint of heart! It's for the chosen few who are ready to push past mental and physical limits to a place only true Iron Addicts will go. Lifting weights is no game! That's why the research team at iSatori worked with CT to create the most powerful preworkout product, so you can smash through those mental and physical barriers and redefine yourself as a "sidewalk cracking, card-carrying" IRON ADDICT!
It's all in the formula that's as raw and real as CT himself. ISYMFS doesn't hide behind a "proprietary" formula. Check out the breakdown of the scientifically supported formula in the next FAQ to see how it stands on a pedestal of preworkout supps.

What are each of the ingredients, and what does the science say about them?

Two Scoops of ISYMFS provides:
  • CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine (2,400 mg): More than just "tingle and flush," CarnoSyn helps buffer hydrogen ions to help you recover and improve performance in the gym.
  • HPLC Verified Creatine (3,000 mg): With both monohydrate and iSaCre™ Creatine Hydrochloride, totaling three grams of creatine, you'll see how this product packs a punch when it comes to increasing strength, improving recovery between sets, and pushing muscle fibers into growth through cell volumization.
  • elevATP® (150 mg): This has been shown to be a breakthrough ingredient that naturally elevates adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), the muscles' primary source of fuel for short, intense bouts of high-intensity exercise, including lifting weights. elevATP starts working within an hour to help drive up strength and recovery between each set.
  • Betaine Anhydrous (1500 mg): Betaine Anhydrous is known to help stimulate the pump, but it doesn't stop there. It also increases ion channel sensitivity. In simple terms, this increases the sensitivity of how the muscle fiber contracts. You’re getting a full-sized amount of it here!
  • Three-phase caffeine powerhouse (including Caffeine Anhydrous at 300 mg, Caffeine Citrate at 75 mg, and Di-Caffeine Malate [Infinergy™] at 50 mg) for 425 total mg's: If you want to get amped up to attack serious volume of reps, you'll find the motherlode of CNS stimulation right here!
  • TeaCrine® Theacrine (25 mg): To help prevent the energy crash so familiar to caffeine consumers, TeaCrine keeps the energy coming by adding an extended release ingredient. This alkaloid molecule, which is naturally occurring from plant extracts, is commonly found in a traditional Chinese tea known as Camilla assamica or Kucha. And this critical component was specifically selected to keep your energy high until the absolute last rep of the workout—no matter how high the volume!
  • Bioperine® (5 mg): Bioperine black pepper extract was added to help your body absorb more of the nutrients found in this formula.

What kind of results can I expect from using it?

Step into the world of a supplement that is as obsessed with the "perfect workout" as CT himself is. You'll find ISYMFS delivers on CT's promise of game-changing focus, intensity, and power, so you can dominate every set, every workout!

Do I need to "load" or "cycle"?

Nope. There's really no reason to load or cycle as all of the ingredients are supplied at the beneficial amounts, though it is always a good idea to take a break from supplementation every couple of months.

Are there any known side effects?

This product is based on sound scientific evidence which suggests no unwanted side effects at the instructed amounts. However, you will find that this product contains a powerful amount of CNS stimulants, including 450 mg of total caffeine, so it's best to start at a lower dosage to see how your body tolerates this product before you try the full CT Fletcher dose. In addition, it's always suggested—as with all supplement and exercise programs—you check with your doctor to ensure you're in good health and there are no contraindications with medication you may be on or with any existing conditions.
It's also a good idea to avoid any other caffeine sources while using ISYMFS.

I feel a tingling sensation when I use this product. Why?

This is a very common sensation caused by the beta-alanine from patented Carnosyn®. This ingredient pushes carnosine into the muscles, and for a lot of Iron Addicts, it can cause a temporary flush or tingling sensation—especially in the face, ears, fingers, etc.) This normal reaction typically fades within 30 minutes to an hour. Not everyone experiences it, and that doesn't mean it's ineffective. Rather, some of us are just a bit more sensitive to the effects.

I weigh more than 150 pounds. Do I need to adjust the dosage for my size?

Bodyweight is less of a concern than tolerance. Start with one scoop to see how your body responds before moving to the full CT Fletcher dose to experience maximum effects.

Can I take it with other muscle-building products?

Yes! Although you'll find this supplement contains the primary ingredients to help you dominate every single rep, other supplements can be stacked with it. We recommend always including a protein product or lean mass gainer, like Hyper-Gro, and to ensure you're getting enough amino acids.

What does it taste like?

If you're no stranger to pre-workout powered drink mixes, like CT, you know that most of them are pretty bitter. Others are just awful! iSatori called in the help of an amazing food chemist to make sure every flavor is absolutely delicious. You'll find it light, refreshing, and delicious… What’s more, it doesn't contain any artificial dyes or colors to make it taste (and look) rather delicious.

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