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Tiger Tested & Approved Supplements!

Tiger Fitness is proud to bring to our customers the Tiger Tested seal of approval for select supplements we carry! We have teamed up with Chromadex a renowned 3rd party testing facility to bring you truth to label claims.

How The Testing Works: We contact vendors that we carry and ask them for approval to test their products. These tests are very expensive running around $2,000 for a Full Amino Acid Panel test so this is a big commitment by both the Vendor and Tiger Fitness. Once we receive their approval, we then send off a random bottle from our inventory to be tested by Chromadex. Once Chromadex completes the lab testing the test results are then e-mailed over to us. If the product meets label claims, it then earns the right to display the Tiger Tested seal of approval.

How Long Does The Tiger Tested Seal Last?: The Tiger Tested seal of approval will last approximately 1 year from the testing date. After the year is up we will seek approval to have the product tested again. This will ensure manufacture consistency so you can rest assured you are getting what you paid for. You can find the test results as a PDF Download below the price box on all Tiger Tested products.

Customers: If you have a favorite product that you are currently taking and would like Tiger Fitness to have it tested, shoot our Tiger Tested coordinator Jon Briscoe an e-mail at Jon will quickly reach out to the Vendor for their approval to test their product.

Vendors: If you would like to have your product become a Tiger Tested product please e-mail

Below Are The Products That Made The Grade: You can shop with confidence when you purchase a Tiger Tested supplement. These products will be updated as we receive the test results from Chromadex.
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