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Certain situations arise in life when you don’t have time for a real meal, and need a quick high-protein snack to tide you over...enter the protein bar! However, yet another problem arises if you happen to be vegan. The number of snacking options you have really is limited.

Fortunately, the vegan protein bar market is stronger than ever these days with greater attention being paid to the whole foods movement and a general shift in the population to eat more plant-based foods and less animal-sourced ones.

Vegan protein bars are a special subclass of protein bars that utilize ONLY non-animal based ingredients, meaning no whey, milk protein, or casein. Protein sources used in vegan protein bars will usually be a mixture of one or more of the following proteins: soy protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp seed, and assorted other grains.

Another bonus of vegan protein bars is that they are more likely to contain whole foods while also lacking preservatives and “filler” ingredients commonly seen in the animal-based ones. Expect vegan protein bars to have a slightly higher carb count that animal-based bars as vegan proteins have more carbs than animal proteins on a mass basis.
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